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    Prince Graphite Comp 110 If you want to see them in person, you can find me at loud97 at gmail dot com.
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    Tennis Backback

    Where are you located? I’m in Toronto but shipping might kill the deal.
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    Prince Graphite Comp 110

    If you are interested in the latest TW version, I’ve got a few in TO that I’m willing to part with.
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    **** prices for vintage Agassi stuff

    The shirts were $100 retail back in the day.
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    What will you do when your classic frame(s) bite the dust for good?

    I'm right there with you bud. I've got 7. Maybe when they're gone, I'm gone?
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    What did Goran use?

    Sweet far nothing has taken this out of my bag.
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    wanted: dunlop aerogel 200 (not 4D) 18x20 L3

    I think I may have one too. Only looking for Yonex player's frames for trade. Let me know. loud97 at gmail dot com
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    String Playtest - June 2010

    Would love to participate as well if it's not too late. I string my own racquets on a Laserfibre machine and use the PC 600.
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    Leather vs Synthetic (Please read, already searched)

    You can always get the best of both worlds with a leather replacement grip and a thin overgrip. Bevels + tack.
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    String Patterns Affect on your Game?

    All being equal, open patterns produce more spin but I prefer the more consistent stringbed of a dense pattern. Spin not really an issue if you use a thinner gauge string.
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    Unmarked Prince Vortex?

    I remember the Vortex as showing graphite fibres rather than paint?
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    Head pallets

    I'm pretty used to them. Any others would feel weird to me.
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    on doing business with silent partner

    My first machine was a SP and they let me do local pickup
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    crappiest strings u have ever used

    I'm also not a fan of the Gosen Biogut Poly Multi. I got a few packs and I'm just using it for crosses.
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    --------The Talk TennisWarehouse Stringers Club-------------

    Laserfibre MS200TT, 6 years