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    A bounty on Davydenko's head? Caption!

    Nothing to say about this one?
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    Roddick Refuses to Get Out of Bed for Federer Clash

    Eh, the Onion is better. This is pretty entertaining at times, though.
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    A bounty on Davydenko's head? Caption!

    This picture is hilarious! The reason for it is because the original caption for the image read Tommy Haas rather than Davydenko, but since you don't see it, it makes for a wonderful image. Let's see your best captions!
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    Tennis not on?

    Is channel 2 USA for you? Because during the weekdays, that's where the US Open is being shown.
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    Safin is a serving monster

    No spoilers here, but yea it was pretty sad.
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    Safin is a serving monster

    Take a look at these: Pretty crazy stuff.
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    Roddick will finish this year without even a masters

    It's definitely possible. He finished last year with only one win, I believe, over a top 10 player, and that win came in the year-end Masters Cup over Ljubicic.
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    Isner vs Federer

    Wait how do we know that Federer will even play Isner in the next round? Isner's got another match to win before he reaches Federer correct? I'm not too familiar with the draw but I know that Isner is one match behind Federer in the tourney.
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    How has Federer Changed?

    He is playing less serve and volley, for one, usually preferring to strike his winners from the baseline.
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    Yea it's an interesting match. You may want to not post this here though. The match results section exists for a reason.
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    Andreev Spin

    Yea he really tears up the ball. If you see the slow-motion plays of his forehand, but has ridiculous racquet-head speed and whip at the point of contact.
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    Caption this: Andy Murray

    Haha. Look at this: Murray is that guy at the very end.
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    Caption this: Andy Murray

    This one is just dying to be captioned. Let's see your best!
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    Is this real?

    It was staged for the commercial. I believe they heavily, heavily watered down the clay in that area for the ball to stick in the court like that.
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    finally, the secret of Nadal's success revealed

    All hail the Onion! Some more of their hilarious tennis related stories: