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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Long time ago during the Vantage years, Paul Angell also made squash rackets....
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    Angell TC 105 Purchase

    It plays like a more powerfull TC100 ra 70. I have not used the 101, but understand that it flexes like the tc97 in the hoop. The 105 has uniform flex along the entire lenght, so a different feeling.. Hope that helps, Best lphansen
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    WTB: 2 or 3 matching frames MP size similar to Babolat Pure Drive

    Hi I have a pair of Artengo TR 900 for sale.. 99 sqin head, 16 x 19 strings. Good condition, grip 2, customized with lead to increase weight and Sw.. Plays like a Babolat pure drive, but much better for the arm.. Best Lars
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    Help from the Angell Crew

    You CAN get rid of weight in the hoop by trimming the sidebumpers. They have no real function anyway.... You would loose 4-5 g and lots of SW... lphansen
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    Angel TC 100, RA 63, 310g

    Hi are you still looking. i have one in v3 paint, almost any gripsize.. Best lphansen, larspaulihansen at yahoo dot dk
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    unpopular opinion: Head's RECTANGULAR grip ****ty on forehands

    Years ago I could not use anything than Head tk76 rectangular shape. And my preferred size was 4 (41/2). Nowadays I find myself liking the more square Prince shape much better and I am sizing down to 2 or 3.. For me I think that it has to do with a more modern tecnique, needing more RHS. For...
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    Racquet lifespan?

    I remember having read about Yonex and Marcello Rios. They followed one particular racket during a hole year, with lots of use and restrings. Apperently it became 10% flexier.. My two cents
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    Looking for new racquet. Current racquet - Fischer pro tour ft

    Remember that your Fischer racquet is 27.25 inch, so something similar lenghtwise?
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    unusual Carlos Moya racket

    No Its Babolat ballistic polymono Moya used to use that..
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Hi I have changed pallets many times. I am using cheap , thin double sided carpettape and a clean hairpin. For the buttcap I am using 4 stapels that are 7-8 mm and a normal springpowered stapler. Put the stables through the thinnest of the buttcap.. I have never had a Angell/Vantage...
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    WANTED - Bumper/Grommets Slazenger Pro Braided 95 (Henman) 16/18

    Hi You can use pro staff 95 grommets instead.. Lphansen
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    Prince hairpin shape - foreign pallet?

    Thanks very much, super good and fast info.. What kind of Prince rackets did you do it on? Lphansen
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    Prince hairpin shape - foreign pallet?

    Hi All Ii I were to remove molded material from the handle of a Prince precision racket, what kind of shape would the hairpin have? I mean if the material are removed , would it be possible to install a pallet from Head or other brand? Simply put, can a pallet be installed on a Prince hairpin...
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    Prince Precision Graphite II 730 grommets

    Hi I am looking for grommets/bumperguards for my Prince Precision Graphite II 730 rackets. Please advise if you have some for sale/trade... Best lphansen larspaulihansen at yahoo dot dk
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    I have been using Vantage/Angell rackets almost from the beginning. I took me a long time to adjust to the feel of the brand. Since the start the production now is much “tighter”, meaning less variation and a wider range of specs available. Lately its possible to order flexible and very...