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    Dropping monsters in mixed doubles?

    Wow, for a self described "geek" your command of logic seems tenuous. Of course you may be playing devil's advocate just for the heck of it. Uummm the reason that 2 men can't play mixed doubles is because... that's called "mens doubles". Fairness has nothing to do with it, mens is not "better"...
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    Let's talk Sequels...........

    Sequels in great series don't have that newness factor that makes first films extra special, thus it if difficult for sequels. The novelty factor of Star Wars vs Empire is not to be underestimated, when it came out. Sure nowadays when you can download them sequentially and bingewatch over a...
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    How to stay focused winning easy

    You need better competition
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    Doubles things we may not practice but should

    I am not sure of the reason but doubles teams to drill even less frequently than singles players (if you even believe that is possible).
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    Unsporting behaviour?

    Funny. I never do that unless the other team is using some form of gamesmanship, then I will do exactly what your opponent did. The funny thing is, it ALWAYS lowers their playing level. I do not believe this would be true of all (or even most) opponents, but among gamesmanship people, they seem...
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    John McEnroe - Jublia?

    Money's money...
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    What is the best Krautrock band?

    The Scorpions
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    New player has wrist pain

    Sounds like an overuse injury. The term: overuse is a bit of a misnomer, since she just started so she is not playing more tennis than a tennis player, but she is using her wrist way more than someone who plays nothing. It probably isn't the set up, it's the move away from a sedentary lifestyle.
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    how often do you beat guys at higher level

    In singles, the way a 0.5 match is going to be an upset is if it really is not a 0.5 difference, which is going to happen all of the time if the lower ranked player is near the top of their grouping. If you add another significant digit to a 4.0 and a 4.5, then a 4.00 really should not be...
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    Forgot how to play tennis - what to do?

    That is probably the most accurate online description of me, ever.
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    which urban tribe was the best?

    Tie between the Crips and Hells Angels
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    Honey : health food or just sugar

    You aren't really trying to compare the margins of groceries to pharmaceuticals, are you? I am hard pressed to come up with a lower and higher profit margin set of two common products than the two you mention.
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    Where exactly again is the best place to stand to return a kick serve

    Sounds like you are playing singles. Sounds like he will S&V at least some of the time. It all comes down to your game. If you have Modern strokes, you likely will not be intimidated by high balls and many can punish folks at the net from the baseline. Obviously if you could do that you...
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    Forgot how to play tennis - what to do?

    Look up: regression to the mean.