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    Would you rather be King of Clay, Grass, or Hard?

    King of Hard. Why? 2 GS and 6 Masters + WTF
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    Dream finals you would like to have seen.

    AO: 2007 Federer vs 2011 Djokovic 2005 Safin vs 2009 Nadal 1994 Sampras vs 2009 Nadal 1984 McEnroe vs 2006 Federer 1991 Becker vs 1995 Agassi RG: 1978 Borg vs 2008 Nadal 2001 Kuerten vs 2015 Wawrinka 1984 Lendl vs 2009 Federer 1984 Lendl vs 2016 Djokovic 2009 Federer vs 2016 Djokovic WIM: 1994...
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    Federer's worst chokes.

    2006 Rome - because he never defeat Nadal in BO5 2009 US Open - because he never won any GS 6 times in row, + not to mention he never won UsO AGAIN 2009 AO - because he would cancelled Rafa GS full complete 2014 MC - because he never won MC 2011 USO - because he lost match with almost same...
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    Easiest Slam wins in 20 years

    Hewitt - 2002 WIM Agassi - 2003 AO Nadal - 2017 USO Federer - 2018 AO(except Cilic, but c'mon Cilic(ala mental midget) Murray - 2013 & 2016 WIM Ferrero - 2003 RG
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    What are the similarities between Roddick and Wawrinka if any??

    Big strong guys GS winners Awful record vs Federer Both won Us Open after saving match point Both lost WTF matches vs Federer when holding MP on their serve Both won their first M1000 beating Federer in process,, Funnily enough, Fed finished both years as NO.2(2003 and 2014) Both won their first...
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    6 plagers most likely to challenge Nadal on clay

    Djokovic Thiem Fognini Zverev Nishikori Coric
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    What match inspired your most depressing moment you have had as a tennis fan?

    Wimbledon 2001. Rome 2006. Washington 2016. Madrid 2005. Australian Open 1999. Australian Open 2003. Paris 2000. Roland Garros 2010.
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    2019 Miami Final: Federer [4] vs Isner [7]

    Fed in 2. Terrible matchup for Isner.
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    Who is stronger peak Wawrinka or peak Roddick?

    Wawrinka,easily. However, consistency - Rod >> Waw.
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    Miami 2019 SF: Roger Federer vs Denis Shapovalov

    Fed in two. Shapo is still too green to handle pressure.
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    Pick ONE most iconic fh,bh by ATG

    Only ONE. Federer Forehand: 2009 RG vs Haas Backhand: 2017 AO vs Nishikori(Wim 2008 vs Nadal is up there for sure,but I choose match where he won) Nadal: Forehand: 2009 AO banana vs Verdasco Backhand: It has to be 2008 WIM Final vs Fed, 7-7, 15-30 and apsolutely insane angle Djokovic...
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    Who has better touch, variety and artistry? Shapovalov or Felix Auger?

    Shapo has great touch. In fact,most of lefties are very talented.
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    Was peak Venus Williams a better player than Serena ?

    Serena from 2012 Olympics is best female version ever. Love Venus from WIM-UsO 2001, though.
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    Novak Djokovic ★ 10 INCREDIBLE Match Point SAVES Against Federer

    Wrong. Rome 2006 is heartbreaking as it gets. Defeat Nadal in BO5 on clay is one of the ULTIMATE tennis goal.