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    Looking for a soft poly to compliment my sore shoulder and my Volkl C10 Pro

    Yes, XT18 is a little softer and not so muted, more power, maybe a little bit more spin support because of the lower COF. control same to YPTP. Durability and tension more for YPTP. YPTP in 1.20 is great, too....but I would prefer the Tour XT 18. You can check the reviews at stringerforum for...
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    best cross string recommendations

    descpageACLTEC-LTFHHS-DE.html this one ?
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    Introducing MAYAMI Tennis Strings

    Yes and No, Firewire is for me unpredictable, maybe there is a difference that the Big Spin is also twisted. Yes, the launch angle is high.
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    Introducing MAYAMI Tennis Strings

    i am so in love with Big Spin in my Prince Tours 100(310) The Spin support is like Firewire or Solstice Power, but the blend of power, control and comfort is outstanding. The durability is above average for polys. cons: you have to clean your string patter after every session, too much felt.;)
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    Grommets for Babolat Soft Drive 1Gen.

    Hi. Does anyone know, if its able to get grommets which are compatible for Babolat Soft Drive First Generation?
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Today arrived my Blade 98s test racquet. I opened the buttcap and saw the foam-filled handle. Does anyone know if the complete handle is filled? I did not want to poke to deep with a screwdriver.
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    Blade 2019 98S 16x18

    Which of the two plays comfortabler by arm issues? 89s/2015 or 98s/V7? THX
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    Mayami strings

    I got free Test Sets of Big Spin and Tour Hex... and yes, I am very impressed, too. Big Spin is really a nice comfortable string. The Spin support is very high, like Solstice Power but much more durability and tension stability. Plays great after 6h now. The Power level is perfect for me in my...
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    Best tennis balls to use?

    Balls Unlimited- Code Black Hard to beat the quality for this price.
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    Blade 2019 98S 16x18

    Yes;) Rahmenhärte: 65 descpageRCWILSON-98S18R-DE.html
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    Blade 2019 98S 16x18

    Do you know the RA of this racquet? Find nothing about it. edit TWE says: RA 65
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    13 year old unsure of what weight on Racquet to have

    Because of your size and weight, I would not go over 285g by your racquet choice. 6 months tennis is not much, your technique can not be perfect. I would also recommend a multi string.
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Does anyone know the RA of the Blade 101l V7? I like the 16/20 string patter , if the RA is also around the 62 and not around 68. With silicone handle up to >300g.
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    Marbello Tennis Strings

    Marbello Eclipse = Isospeed Black Fire Marbello Storm = Isospeed Black Fire S source: Saitenforum
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    Too much topspin?

    i understand the idea of the door knob turn, but what you are meaning with the aiming at 4 or 5 clock...? My "topspin" forehand is like on the video clip, but for me it is not the true heavy topspin ball, too less rotation and to little bounce.