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    Tourna Big Hitter Silver 7 Tour

    I am looking for a round 17g cross string to tame the power of S7T mains in a Head Extreme 360 and give more comfort. I think Ghost Wire has to much power!? YPTP or Head Hawk Touch maybe a try. At the moment I stay with S7T/Lyon 18 @52lbs-----plays great but too much power after 3h. I also...
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    Yonex poly tour pro (PTP)

    when is release for the blue one?
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    Different colors of Yonex Poly Tour Pro string

    When will release Yonex Poly Tour Pro in blue at TW Europe?
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    Tennis elbow

    The good old Babolat-Elbow. Check also Donnay, Angell, Prince Phantom and Tour Line, Head Extreme. Never go back to Babolat plus Poly @25 kg.... only Babolat Soft Drive 1.Gen,if you can get one.
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    Head Extreme Pro 360 / Pricing

    At the moment, I play my best tennis with the Head Extreme 360 S. I add 25g silicone into the handle to 305g unstrung. Strung with BHS7T/Lyon at 23,5/22kg. So easy and big fun to use. I was surprised by the good comfort.
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    Tourna Big Hitter Silver 7 Tour

    Today I had a very good indoor session on clay with S7T/Lyon in a Head Extreme 360. Good comfort for this crisp feeling string in a very cold indoor hall. @52/49 seems perfect for me to tame the power of the racquet. Nice blend of power and control.
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    Tourna Big Hitter Silver 7 Tour

    At Saturday I had the same problem. 17g broke during stringing by the third main in a Signum Pro S6700. I am a beginner with stringing and have done only around 30 racquets, so I thought it was my fault.... but never break a string before during the stringing process. I'm not sure, but I mean...
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    Easy racquet to play with that still feels great?

    Donnay Formula Hexacore 100. take a look to Prince Phantom Pro 100
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    Taking the Prince Tour 100T ESP out for a demo

    First try 17g Mayami Big Spin for the mains. Still too powerful but I have no comparisons. May go higher next time, too. I ordered a set of Firewire Boost today and will give it a try by Mikelers 56#.
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    Quest for a soft and arm friendly poly - please

    Ytex Quadro Twist Yonex Poly Tour Pro 17 or 18 RS Lyon 18 (Fb or for cross) T1 Ghostwire (for cross) Mayami Big Spin Isospeed Cream(cross)
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    Taking the Prince Tour 100T ESP out for a demo

    WoW, what a great (fun) racquet! I checked one Prince Tour 100T ESP for 30 Euro and strung it with Big Spin/Baseline Control at 55/53lbs. The laugh was great as I pulled the old racquet out of my bag. Usually I do not test other racquets when I play against good opponents. But the 5 minutes to...
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    TW's Exclusive Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution Co-poly

    which one is more comfortable: Hyper G 17 or Pro Line 2 Evolution?
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    Prince Tour XT?

    So much different to the black XT18?
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    Looking for a soft poly to compliment my sore shoulder and my Volkl C10 Pro

    Yes, XT18 is a little softer and not so muted, more power, maybe a little bit more spin support because of the lower COF. control same to YPTP. Durability and tension more for YPTP. YPTP in 1.20 is great, too....but I would prefer the Tour XT 18. You can check the reviews at stringerforum for...
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    best cross string recommendations

    descpageACLTEC-LTFHHS-DE.html this one ?