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    Sleeveless: Good for the Game?

    Zverev looks strange indeed in his outfit. Like he just arrived from his practice with his local college basketball team. He needs to prepare for a serious match coming up, against their rivals "The Medical Bulls" from student corridor B5! Serious question though - if you were the coach of a...
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    Djokovic's injury

    Djokovic: "Im so injured, my stomach, I can hardly move, what a struggle. Noone has it more tough" Nadal; "No, the most injured one is me, my back, cannot even make serve, no?" They will have to battle it out via medical timeouts! Who will remain the longest in the locker room. Who will walk...
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    Russian Tennis

    I think one difference is that Russians take sport extremely seriously. Do you remember what the USSR did? The USSR made sports a national priority, a way to gain glory on the international scene. They industrialised sports in a way that no country has ever did. They poured resources on it, and...
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    Maybe the Australien government, in its unrelenting quest to never have a virus present in the country no matter the costs, will disqualify ALL foreign players due to the virus risks! Then De Minaur will be injured, and Millman disqualified due to tampering by way of spitting on the balls, which...
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    ATP Cup 2021

    Well done Novak. 12-0 in this cup. But he would be a fool to play doubles. Need to rest for the more important tournament.
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    Please say it ain't so Ana Ivanovic has 2 kids???

    I regret not answering all of her text messages och photos she sent me. I was very busy at the time at work.
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    How tall is Nadal? (in cm)

    He´s 184,5 cm. When I met him I was surprised that I was several cm taller, and actually I was also in markedly better shape. I challenged him to a practice set which he won 6-4, even though his groundstrokes were much slower than they look on tv. I wasn't used to that court.
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    2020 ATP Finals SF: Rafael Nadal vs. Daniil Medvedev

    I want to see replays of that jumping backhand!
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    2020 ATP Finals SF: Rafael Nadal vs. Daniil Medvedev

    What the hell, why all the dropshots. They are useless
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    2020 London ATP Finals Round Robin: Djoker [1] vs Mad Lad [4]

    Djokovic can hit good forehands to the corners when he's swinging out more. Nice to see. Even if he loses
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    Zverev v Medvedev

    Medvedev can throw coins too, he's got experience
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    Zverev v Medvedev

    Perhaps there is a way for them to both become disqualified from the finals? Is they simultaneously throw bananas at the umpire? Then the organisers could give the title to some other player who can play a less servebotting and more eye-pleasing tennis. I suggest Wawrinka!
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    How has Federer stayed at No 4?

    Sorry, but this has been debunked by Twitter's fact-checking team as a baseless conspiracy theory. Does not deserve more discussion. The real reason is of course that the ATP Council is owned by Swiss banks.
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    2020 Cologne 2 SF - Zedzilla v Sinner Revenge Match

    Southern Germany is clearly better. They retain more culture, traditions, greenery, beer halls, old buildings, etc. Southern Germany is more conservative. Northern Germany has become quite modern and leftwing and bland