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    Poll: Peak Federer vs peak Djokovic?

    I dont think it is so difficult. For me it is rather clear. Federer is clearly the most skilled player ever, in terms om playing an interesting and spectacular game: technique, variety, and incredible forehand and volleys. He can do so many extraordinary things. His peak was incredible...
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    Should Kyrgios ditch Acapulco next year even if he wins this tournament ?

    Mexicans are not the most civilised people. This tournament is just one example. Would you want to live in Mexico city?
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    what was Kygrios mad about?

    Nadal is an incredible time waster and grunter, he makes the game ugly! When it should be beautiful! There most sane people dislike his tactics
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    ATP250 Delray Beach’19, February 18-24 General Discussion

    Is Dan Evans one of more interesting players today? His technique is just great to look at, and he is fighting a lot on the court!
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    Adidas Solecourt Boost Official Thread

    Maybe the number of mm is the same. But when I compare the crazylight with my asics, it is an enormous difference in agility and stability
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    Adidas Solecourt Boost Official Thread

    I can help you guys who are considering the adidas crazylight boost (the basketball shoe): I have bought it. It is very comfortable but also heavy. BUT - it is very high from the ground and that makes it impossible to use for tennis if you like to run even a little bit! It is too clumsy and you...
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    Live by the Blade...Die by the Blade...

    I bought a Blade 98L since I wanted a frame with reasonable feel (didnt want to buy any Countervail). I put a cut-up eraser, a white one, inside the butt cap, just pressed it in. Which made i significantly more headlight. And some tungsten at 12, 3, and 9 to balance. Now it is around 305 g...
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    What happened to Swedish tennis?

    There is a big lack of sporting facilities, as well as physical education during the school year,s in Sweden. People are not (anymore) encouraged to do sports and compete, in the same way as in some other countries. Some countries are much more competitive in culture and in the ambition of the...
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    Stiffness Rating

    At least as a general principle. It could of course be that you case is special and requires surgery. But then the doctor should have very valid arguments for that...
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    Stiffness Rating

    Dont get surgery. Absolutely not, unless final, final, final option! It can have many side effects in general. Doctors often know very little about muscle/tendon damages and the necessary recovery and rehabilitation. It is very common for doctors to massively over-prescribe surgeries and...
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    2018 Stockholm - ATP 250

    Isner is so bad. Who is more boring? But hopefully he will not manage to beat Tennys