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    USTA Flex League?

    thank you guys for the input! i just keep getting emails from usta promoting the program, now i know why :)
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    USTA Flex League?

    anyone here have experience with USTA's Flex league? my schedule is kinda tight but this program seems like it would work for me but i need to know if this is a good program or not. i'm in southern california, not sure if there will be enough players who joins.
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    Maria Sharapova & Sasha Vujacic Engaged

    sorry if i offended u or something. no problem playing with nets except that lakers is lakers, didn't u see the smiley face that i put?:???: it was a joke man, take it easy! vujacic probably didn't have an idea that he was going to be traded, but lakers fans did :)
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    Maria Sharapova & Sasha Vujacic Engaged

    lakers is trading vujacic as a part of the multi-player deal to new jersey nets. this guy really made sure he gets engaged to sharapova while he was a laker. i wonder what sharapova is thinking right now :)
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    Federer/Sampas vs. Nadal/Agassi

    This will be a great match!
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    any filipinos here?

    found this new jokes site from another pinoy forum. it's new but has potentials: (Utot Mo!) - :mrgreen:
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    First it was Bear Stearns, then Fannie, Freddie, now Lehman, Mer, AIG, who is next?

    the economy is all messed up. washington mutual is next.
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    Google Chrome

    downloaded it yesterday and it seems to be working fine. my only complain is the bookmark. i imported my firefox bookmarks and wanted to organize it but there's no easy way to do it. i've looked on their help page but there's nothing that can help me.
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    Screech or Stiffler?

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    FREE subscription to Tennis Magazine

    saw this deal at, FREE Tennis Magazine from Mercury Magazines. i've received free magz from them before so i'm applying for this one :cool:
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    Fun Toy!

    found this on amazon:
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    Paul Pierce says he's the best player in the world...

    no matter what sports you're in, if you're the best you'll get smacked by haters.
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    Country Classic in LA???

    not enough big names so i wouldn't bother driving 2 hours especially now that it's almost over. it'll be worth it if you go there on the first day or two to see the players up close on their practices. i'll be in san diego tonight, any good events too see this weekends?
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    The Best Thread Ever...KOBE OR JORDAN?

    lol! welcome to an NBA related discussion
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    The Best Thread Ever...KOBE OR JORDAN?

    ... and yet, pippen almost made it as a champ without jordan.