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    It's now on the Yonex Website! VCORE Pro EMERALD

    Agreed. The v7 18/20 feels like a blade. The Clash feels like a clash.
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    Can dumb people learn stringing?

    “As usual, I was misquoted. I said cutting out old strings, cleaning racquet, opening a new package of strings, untangling the birds nest I created from letting go of the coil of string cuz I have no clue what I’m doing, mounting the racquet, undoing all the crosses cuz I tensioned the racquet...
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    Played 2 weaker hitting opponents back to back. WOW.

    Took you 2 years of lessons and playing to figure this out? :oops:
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    Can dumb people learn stringing?

    “Anyone who claims they can string a racquet in under 2 hours is a flat out liar!” - TTPS
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    Played 2 weaker hitting opponents back to back. WOW.

    Again. You are wrong as usual. I just hit with a forum member who has never taken a single lesson in his life and he has great mechanics and technique.
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    Will be in Las Vegas 9/16 - 9/18

    Had another hit this morning with @SRUalum. Since I couldn’t serve due to my shoulder, we rallied for 45 mins, volleyed for 30 and he served and we played out points for the last 15 mins. Really fun hit! Had a great time. Shame he’s not closer because he is an awesome hitting partner. Thanks...
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    Can dumb people learn stringing?

    I’m in SoCal. Matt is now in NorCal. And trust me, the LA people are not glamorous. :-D Sorry, perhaps my memory isn’t so good anymore, but have we met before?
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    Can dumb people learn stringing?

    You guys meaning Matt, me and who else?
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    Can dumb people learn stringing?

    TTPS was able to learn. Sure it took him over a year before he figured out how to tie a knot correctly so if you are more intelligent than him and chances are very high that you are, then learning to string will be a breeze for you.
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    Yonex VCP 97 310 - Adding weight

    I tried adding 1-2g at 12 on mine and didn’t like it. Once I removed it, the racquet I liked so much returned.
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    My labrum tear rehab

    Continuing the stretching regimen, but gave it some thought and realized I could add some different stretches to hit the shoulder from different angles so in addition to vertical hanging stretch, I added another stretch. I bend my upper body over 90 degrees and grab a 30-45# dumbbell and let my...
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    Obsessing over technique and never playing matches

    please follow your own advice before you create your next thread asking for help on how to string a racquet, pre-stretch strings, tie a knot, and the list goes on and want and expect others to help you, yet you aren’t willing to do the same for others.
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    Noah Rubin

    “Tennis is tough.” - TTPS
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    What kind of knot do you use when stretching a string?

    Please share with him a slip knot so when he pulls on it, he falls into an alternate universe where we don’t have to be subjected to his posts anymore. :-D
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Sounds like this is the perfect racquet for you?