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    KPS88 Release in AUS?

    A Wilson employee told me June/July. He wasn't exactly a bigshot so I don't know how credible he is.
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    New Prince Speedport Graphites!

    I'd really prefer it if the pj was more black than green.
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    Two overgrips instead of replacement grip

    I used to use a 4 3/8 grip size but one day bought a racket with 4 1/2 because it was only one I could find. I took off the replacement grip and put on two overgrips instead to get it to the usual size I'm used to. After a while, I found I preferred the feel of it.
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    Planning to design own clothes, what blank clothes should I buy?

    There are laundry markers which are designed for clothes. Why not try cafepress or something.
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    Badminton/Squash/Racquetball Info

    Highly recommend pre-weaving Badminton rackets, it'll make your life a lot easier.
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    I hate the XBOX 360 ill never buy microsoft game systems.

    I used to use it maybe 2-3 hours a week, but mine has gotten the ring of death twice now. I doubt I'll bother with microsoft anymore.
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    Sampras Comeback!!!!

    I actually prefer watching him play more on the Seniors with McEnroe and the other former greats rather than with the current nobodies. I do agree it would be nice to watch Pete on the grass again, though.
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    federer's forhand? or nadal's?

    Despite all the shanks, Fed's is still the forehand I'd rather have.
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    Farewell, Roger Federer?

    ^ Agreed here. Federer's has more than a mental block against Nadal, who's clearly an improved player to last year. In my eyes, Nadal is now #1, and it's more due to him taking it rather than Federer declining to #2.
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    Federer vs. Djokovic semifinal poll

    Nice. I applaud you. For the record, I would've voted a default.
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    Your Racquet Disappointments?

    Pure Storm Tour for me as well. Considering I liked the original Pure Storm and Pure Control. I guess I'm just over the Babolat thing. I really dislike their Woofer tech now. Yonex RDX500 - It was the 2nd Yonex I'd tried. I'd used the SRD Tour for a long time and nothing they've had since then...
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    I've just been diagnosed with Glandular Fever (mono)

    Aren't Channel 9 showing it?
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    K90 vs microgel prestige mid

    Yeah, I find my MG Prestige Mid is really easy to swing, with plenty of control. I also agree the K90 is more solid and stable, and the open string pattern generates spin more easily. K90 plays well if you prep early and use its weight effectively.
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    To those who enjoyed hitting with the KBlade Tour

    I find it's got a fair bit of spin. Mine's fairly leaded up @ 362g and I strung with a cyberflash in the crosses and klip excel in the mains. I find this setup of lead and strings gives me plenty of power and spin, especially with serves. Have you tried a Prestige MP? I find the Head frames...
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    Federer's problem...and his doom

    Federer (and everyone else's) problem when it comes to RG is that Nadal is a beast on clay. Nobody can win 3 out 5 sets against him when he's playing like that. Especially with the conditions this year, humid conditions and a heavy ball, which makes it easy (relatively) for Nadal to whip it all...