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    Federer/Edberg all time great strokes combo

    Was watching an old clip of Federer practicing with Edberg at Indian Wells and was struck by the amazing combination of all-time great strokes/quality on that court: - Federer's forehand - Federer's backhand topspin/slice - Federer's ROS both sides - Federer's serve - Federer's footwork -...
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    For Indian Guys: Who is broadcasting French Open

    Like many other sports, cricket is fascinating to watch when you know the game/players/history/etc. For eg. I think baseball, soccer and american football are boring as hell (except for the short highlights of goals/touchdowns). Trust me, a good well played cricket match between 2 top teams...
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    Most aesthetically pleasing one handed backhand?

    Stefan Edberg's backhand-from-the-gods in the 80s - absolute pinnacle of elegance and explosiveness, baseline/return/slice/volley/everything on that side. More than made up for the other side :)
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    Who had better volley skills; McEnroe or Edberg?

    Folks who claim that Mcenroe has faulty volley technique should watch it in slow-mo. Like all his strokes, it's a wonderfully compact motion with all the fundamentals covered. The motion is short with the wrist firm through contact. It's an illusion of the arm movement after contact that...
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    Losing faith in Federer

    He's great for his age and can still win any single match against anyone. But what gets worse as you age is the ability to recover quickly and play at a high level for several matches/days in a row. So he's able to make it deep into tourneys, even get past some top foes, but then run out of...
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    French Open 1984 vs French Open 1989

    Met and talked with Edberg many years ago and asked him about this loss. He said he wasn't too disappointed about it at that time since he felt confident he would get more chances to do well there for a few more years. didn't happen that way...
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    Chris Evert on Federer matches.

    Nothing creepy about Chris's comments, that's how many fans also react. I'm also a huge Federer fan, but his Wim12 win was a big bonus and anything after that I treat as gravy. Now I've accepted that he's not going to be winning consistently anymore and just enjoy the play without caring...
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    Best overall groundstroke/volley on each side

    Who among the great players do you guys think has/had the best balanced package (elite-level on return, topspin/slice groundstrokes, short ball approach/putaway, volley,lob) on both the forehand and backhand side? Some candidates I can think of (from 70s onwards): Forehand package...
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    Greatest All Time Serve and Volleyer

    Should have been more precise - Rosewall's peak was in the early 60s (maybe late 50s too), but he was still deadly early into the 70s.
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    Greatest All Time Serve and Volleyer

    Rosewall needs to be in these lists as an absolutely top class volleyer (without a dominant serve also). In the late 60s/early 70s, his volleying was considered second only to Roche and at least the equal of Laver.
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    The best backhand ever?

    Rosewall's backhand in detail If you want to study the Rosewall backhand and volleys in detail, get the video `Tennis to Win - Vol 1' - it's from the 70s, but is still available (in VHS, don't know about DVD)...
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    Canadian Open 1959 - Any Media Available

    Sorry, don't have any links for you, but read that you actually played against your brother in the finals. Must have felt strange, did you enjoy it or was it awkward? Would be great if you could share some of your interesting experiences from that tournament or your playing career in general...
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    Did Agassi make his forehand takeback more compact as years went on?

    In an article I recall reading in the early 90s, Agassi said that McEnroe had helped him out by advising him to shorten the backswing on his forehand and this had really helped him adjust to playing on grass and winning Wim92 (where in the process he thanked Mac by thrashing him in the semis!)...
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    Who had the better backhand?

    I think Fed has a much faster trigger on the backhand than Guga since his backswing is a lot more compact. As a result, his backhand return of serve is better on the faster surfaces + he can play closer to the baseline than Guga did. His quick trigger also enables Fed to execute those sick bh...
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    Who had the better backhand?

    Meant to say in my last post that Edberg's BH was inconsistent till about 1988, looks like my 8) got converted into a smiley!