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    PEDs for over 60 amateurs

    Heh I used Adrafanil to survive my daughters first two months of life while still feeling pretty normal. It has an amazingly smooth, slow energy release that lasts almost 14 hours. Watch the liver enzymes though, it can be a bit hepatoxic. The best performance enhancers in someone over 60 would...
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    How High Up the Corporate Ladder Must You be, for it to be Sweet?

    I am a senior engineer in information technology and I love my job. My contributions are largely high level planning so I do a lot of thinking and reading. I do attend more meetings than I would like but that's the nature of the beast. We have a flexible work arrangement and open seating so I...
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    Can you get in shape with a random workout regime?

    Probably? Randomness is not programming so there is really no way to know. If you are able to increase intensity or load over time and don't hurt yourself you should get fitter.
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    What makes a good rec player coach ?

    I play and take lessons and teach clinics at a club that has produced 3 female pro players in the last 10 years... Good coaches are invaluable. For a rec player, the best coach is one who can condense the needed teaching into as short a time as possible.
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    The 10000 hour rule and The Dan Plan - application to tennis?

    Generally I agree but at the same time it can be worthwhile to pursue a physical goal if you can separate the journey from the goal.
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    The 10000 hour rule and The Dan Plan - application to tennis?

    For awhile I thought that I was going to pursue a full 10,000 hours of tennis practice. I even exchanged some emails with Dan about it. I started playing seriously about 7 years ago. I was originally trying to get twenty hours a week on the court but there is just no way to really do that with a...
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    Thinking of buying a fitness tracker/watch. Any input?

    I have the Mio Fuse and the trick with the heart rate is to figure out where on your arm it reads correctly and then wear it there when you work out.
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    Thinking of buying a fitness tracker/watch. Any input?

    I just really hate the chest straps. The wrist optical heart rate is fine for me, I can see changes as I get fitter and thats all that I care about.
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    Thinking of buying a fitness tracker/watch. Any input?

    This is probably my next watch, it looks awesome.
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    What is your current tennis regiment

    I hit on the ball machine every day for one hour after work. 40 serves, 200 balls short court, 400 volleys, 100 ground strokes. I play 2 competitive singles matches per week, Saturday and Sunday mornings. I play one doubles match a week, Thursday evenings and I play in one USTA league match per...
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    How I Became a Homeschooling Dad

    I am a person of faith and I accept that all of those things have strong scientific backing but none of them preclude the possibility of a creator.
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    How I Became a Homeschooling Dad

    The dichotomy between science and religion is a result of some reactionary forces in the church being unwilling to adapt to scientific findings. If we assume that science is the gift of understanding the natural world, then we can view all scientific discoveries as confirmation of the divine...
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    World's best athletes

    Messi is a great athlete, the combination of explosiveness and endurance necessary in a top striker is extremely rare.