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    Kyrgios (future of tennis) is SHOCKED by criticism - BBC Sport article inside

    Of course he feels the pressure. You've obviously lost your mind.
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    Kyrgios (future of tennis) is SHOCKED by criticism - BBC Sport article inside

    He just needs to control his emotions on court. Tennis is not an easy sport mentally. I can only imagine how tough it is at the upper echelons of the game. If he learns to compose himself, and focus on every point, he'll be a great player. He's not trying to be 'tough' or 'cool', he just...
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    How to beat Serena Williams

    Be a man. There aren't any women that can beat her.
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    Why did Djoker lose FO to Stan?

    Stan played extremely well. There's not much anyone can do when he's crushing the ball, and hitting so many winners.
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    Watching the WTA only?

    In all honesty, I'm the same. I watch tennis on television to see the best players in the world. The women aren't even close, so I'll watch a few games here and there if one of them is attractive and/or wearing something revealing.
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    Venus fined

    Not a big deal. Everyone gets angry after losing and doesn't want explain how or why the they lost to the entire world. Sometimes when you lose, you just want to be by yourself for a while.
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    Why can't tennis matches be in this view?

    I think they need to have more of that view too. You can really see how quickly and how far the players move, in addition to how fast the ball is coming. Watching from the bird's eye view slow everything down, even though you have the benefit of seeing both players better, and seeing where the...
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    Tennis has not evolved a great deal since 2000

    The game HAS evolved. There is more homogeneity to the game (not a good thing, but still evolution), and string technology has changed the way the majority of players hit the ball. I'm not sure what you expect. In most sports, players from the 1990's and early 2000's could compete with...
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    Is Murray as crap as most "Tennis fans" make out?

    Great player, but acts like a baby on court (more so in the past). That's why some people don't like him. It's hard to watch a grown man act like a 3 year old. It's really strange and off putting.
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    Is Wawrinka a better Australian Open player than Federer?

    He is right now, and over the last two AO's. Overall? No.
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    What match do you most want to see this year?

    Djokovic / Nadal FO final. Kyrigos / Federer at Wimbledon. Cilic / Wawrinka slapping winners all over the place somewhere.
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    What if Federer and Nadal were brothers?

    Fed would probably find it more difficult to shake off the losses. To what extent I'm not sure. Rafa may also have had a more difficult time beating Federer. Rafa would most likely have been beaten up by Federer as they grew up, due to the age gap, so Fed would have had a huge advantage...
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    Would Kuerten ever have been able to beat Nadal at French Open?

    Ya, it depends on how many times they would play each other. I'd give give Nadal an 80% win rate.