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    First time since 1973 no American men ranked in the top-30

    The guy with most weeks at No. 1 in Tennis does not get a Nike sponsorship, but you can get the same for kneeling in a different sport. Why would a budding athlete choose tennis?
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    Humbert is a pianist

    But is he as good as the maestro/virtuoso ?
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    Post an image or gif that describes something in tennis....

    "I love the smell of <Wilson> in the morning"
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    The Live Race as of now.....

    The only title the GOAT ever defended off clay !
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    Prediction for Djokovic at the FO and Wimbledon

    I miss the Srshs trinute thread - here is a picture of the legendary one at a romantic sunset location with his girlfriend Psylocke.
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    I think that Sir Andrew Murray will win Olympic Gold at Paris 2024.

    Paralympics (unlike special olympics where our mods compete) is a proper sporting event. All the best to Sir Andy.
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    Being #1 versus winning a slam

    Did you know that Kafelnikov became World #1 during a 7 match losing streak? [Sampras was dropping points due to health issues I think] [Also, it should be noted that the streak includes only...
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    Which event was the breaking point in court speed?

    Some myopic administrators thought that relentless baseline rallies make the game more watchable than a more balanced game - they were wrong in my opinion! Edit: Corrected to 'they were wrong in my opinion'
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    Is it a mystery how Nadal has won more US Opens than Djokovic?

    Slam-wise percentages of toughest opponents actually faced are as below: Federer at AO - 14/30 - 46.67% Federer at RG - 1/5 - 20% - Sampling size is too small as it is just one slam won Federer at W - 19/40 - 47.5% Federer at UO - 10/25 - 40% Nadal at AO - 3/5 - 60% - Sampling size is too...
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    Did Zverev just serve to lose?

    Ahhh Bavaria, when I hear the name, tennis is not the first thing that comes to mind. I wonder why ???
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    Who is the ladies french open favorite?

    How about a final between these 2 ladies ?
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    Coolest pictures of pros

    This picture has 2 of the greatest sporting legends in a cool photoshoot !
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    Who among you will pony up to purchase Federer's memorabilia?

    I really envy the one who ends up spending a fortune on this bag - what a fashion statement !!!
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    Kyrios insulted... LOL...

    Kyrgios and Tomic feud - its like a rat race, even if you win, you are still a rat.
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    Nadal has a winning record in tournaments on all surfaces against Djokovic

    Djokovic has a similar advantage over Federer (3-0 in Italian Open Clay, 3-1 on Wimbledon Grass, 4-1 on Australian Open Hard) and the sampling sizes are not crappy like a single match 1-0 for Nadal vs Djokovic at Queen's.