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    who do you think best bet to taking out novak djokovic in 2020 us open ?

    You seem to have an unhealthy hatred toward Novak (like the time you wished covid on him) - most of your posts are about beating Novak.
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    2020 US Open WTA Entry list out - Absent: #1 Barty, #5 Svitolina, #6 (defending champ) Andreescu, Wang & Ostapenko

    I like free speech (including moderate/tolerable hate speech) - I never report anything, not just on TTW, but on any public forum. That does not mean I should stop calling out people on their biased agendas.
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    2020 US Open WTA Entry list out - Absent: #1 Barty, #5 Svitolina, #6 (defending champ) Andreescu, Wang & Ostapenko

    If you (and your comrades) stick to tennis instead of america bashing and biased social commentary, those threads would not have been deleted.
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    What are your thoughts on Djokovic's 'injury' timeouts?

    Over decades of watching tennis, I found Nadal is the one with most gamesmanship on and (sometimes) off court and nobody is anywhere near that level.
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    Laureus awards ...

    Nadal has won once out of 5 nominations, what happened there? Healthy Nadal should win everything, no?
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    Mens grand slams should be 2 out 3 sets

    2 out of 3 sets ... boring ... who has that kind of time? Coin toss should be enough.
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    Laureus awards ...

    One gets the award in 2012 for achievements in 2011 - I think its just the way these awards work. Nadal got Comeback of the year award in 2014 for his 2013 performance.
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    Players who you only know because of one match

    Forget about a match, a single moment can affect fame. Most ardent cricket fans know about a bowler called Eric Hollies ... he got Don Bradman out for a duck in his last Test Innings (Bradman needed only 4 runs to end up with career average of above 100 - because of that one delivery, he ended...
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    Laureus awards ...

    Just noticed that Djokovic won every time he was a nominee. Djokovic won 4 Sportsman of the year awards. Same as Bolt. Federer leads with 5 Sportsman of the year awards and 1 Comeback of the year award. Nadal has 1 Sportsman of the year award and 1 Comeback of the year award.
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    Novak refused to be tested onsite in Croatia

    People wishing that a player (idiot though he may be) gets a lethal disease so that their idol can retain records - keep it classy TTW !!!
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    Mathematicians out there...old swing power vs. new swing power Maybe you might have seen the above link already.
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    Players that reached their best ranking: 2003-07 vs 2008-15

    Interesting - in both time periods, no one stopped at rank #2, if they reached #2, they went on to get to #1?
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    Official Sureshs tribute thread

    When the great one below found out about the one ring, he ate it, along with the 3 elven rings, 7 dwarf rings and the 9 rings of men (he ate all the rings as if they were onion rings). Due to his incredible digestive system, the rings cancelled each others' powers and evaporated. As a result...