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    Indian Wells to host the US OPEN? Maybe, if NY is still locked down

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    Federer, only player with a positive h2h against Djokovic in best of 3 from the start of 2014

    Right. I'd believe the age thing as being THEE reason if Novak had just been blasting Fed off the court in grand slams, but he isn't
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    in 2006 RG , anyone can stop federer beside nadal ?

    Lol it's there with Medvedev but people give him hell for it
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    A ridiculous and dare I say “epic” Nadal stat

    Yep but his Olympic run was fun as hell to watch. Soooooo close to beat Delpo
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    Roland Garros moved to September - not a drill

    Idk why but this made me laugh out loud
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    2020 Dubai Open Semi Final :- [1] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Gael Monfils

    Djokovic gonna win this going away now lol
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    Best performances in a losing effort?

    Verdasco in 09 and Nadal in 2012 at the AO. BRUTAL losses based on how they played.
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    Who is the favorite for RG this year?

    Nadal will win 2 clay warm ups and lose 2 sets at the most at RG
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    How many grand slams will Djokovic win in his carrier?

    I put up to 5 cause that's how many i felt at the time he was capable of