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    Which loss is more crushing for Rafa - AO 17 or Wimb 18 ?

    But my point is that the matches are essentially identical. Here are the exact numbers: Going into 5th set at Wimbledon: Nadal -125; Djokovic Even Aussie Open final: Nadal -135; Federer +116 From a betting perspective, that's insignificant. Rafa was only the slightest of favorites in both matches.
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    Next Gen players and Novak

    Not even sure what you're talking about. Both Rafa and Roger struggle against Kyrgios. Roger's 2-1 against Kyrgios with 8/9 sets going to TB. Kyrgios is 2-1 against Rafa off of clay having won 5/6 sets.
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    Which loss is more crushing for Rafa - AO 17 or Wimb 18 ?

    Nadal was also a favorite in the 5th set at Wimbledon against Djokovic.
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    Too skinny and can't win with a vegetarian diet.

    Recent scientific studies actually show that the "negative impacts" of red meat don't actually exist. If you look at studies over the last 10 years, you'll mostly find that red meat is just as healthy as fish or chicken. The anti-red meat fad pretty much died in the 90s.
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    I would rather have Djokovic's career than Nadal's

    Very fair analysis. I like your 0.5 slams for a WTF. I might put it more like 0.6 or 0.7, but we're splitting hairs at that point. I disagree. I think as of today, I'd take Novak's career, but Rafa has the greater upside. Why? Because if neither player is GOAT, Novak has better diversity and...
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    Novak BH

    Novak still runs around his BH to hit his forehand when he can so he clearly prefers the FH as do all male pros. As compared to the field though, yes, Novak's BH ranks higher comparatively than does his FH. His BH is like Rafa's FH; he can hit it really big with a lot of margin. I would still...
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    The USO champ is this year's true #1...

    I think it's more than likely that none of them win it. The USO seems to be the major that has the most randomness happen (probably because it's later in the year and players are banged up). 2 of the last 6 years have produced 4 different champions in the same year.
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    I would rather have Djokovic's career than Nadal's

    More importantly to me is that Djokovic actually had his own era too. Nadal never really did. Nadal was the 2nd best player during the Fed and Djokovic eras.
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    Where are the Nadal fans?

    Vegas has apparently noticed this too. Novak is around 11/4 to win USO. Fed is 7/2. Rafa is 4/1.
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    Slam count predictions

    After FO 2014, Slam count: Fed 17, Nadal 14, Djokovic 6 After FO 2016, Slam count: Fed 17, Nadal 14, Djokovic 12 After FO 2018, Slam count: Fed 20, Nadal 17, Djokovic 12 After FO 2020, Slam count: ????? After the FO 2014, it looked like Fed and Nadal were not going to be challenged by Djokovic...
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    Wimbledon R3: (12) Novak Djokovic vs (21) Kyle Edmund

    And he ran into the net. That's three things wrong by the umpire, and the running into the net was the most aggregious. I disagree. He played Murray in either IW or Miami in 2014 or 2015. Djokovic clearly reached over the net to hit a volley, admitted he did it, but claimed he didn't know that...
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    RG 2018 SF: Rafael Nadal vs Juan Martin Del Potro

    But he earned his finals. I mean, the guy went through Rafa to reach the AO final. That's no small task.