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    Solution Speed 3
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    New RG balls details

    There are two options: Wilson Roland Garros Clay and 2nd - All court - did he really play clay??? Not sure
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    I'm enjoying my dead poly. I'm more than 30 hours into it.

    i play regularly one year with one Yonex PTP, i mean one exchange for a year
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    Poly strings weight

    Yonex poly tour pro 1.25 - 20g, 1.20 - 19g head rip control 1.25 - 15g
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    Wilson balls instead of Babolat for RG

    Wilson official ball supplier for Roland Garros from 2020, and wilson clay balls have good quality, durability, bounce etc indeed
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    Comfort, how important is it to you ?

    I suppose comfort issue is global tendency for all manufacturers eg new Gravity has low RA, last years' Pure Aero as well (comparatively), and of course Wilson Clash and v7 Blade. For me comfort is top priority as to Rackets and strings. I have Yonex Vcore 100 strung for winter with Rip Control...
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    Your favorite Head string

    Rip Control is super comfortable.
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    Most comfortable poly?

    thanks alot for your tipps
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    Most comfortable poly?

    Hi, Can you say what are the most comfortable poly strings? I am using now and always Yonex Poly Tour Pro 1.25 - is there one with more comfort?
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    Hybrid Head RIP Control/Head Lynx armfriendly???

    Really? Not Yonex Poly Tour Pro?
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    Which company has the best QC?

    I would say...Yonex :)
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    Nike Cage 3

    i need to advice as to cushioning in cage 3 - i'm using now solution spped 3 and they are very comfortable, i suppouse cage 3 are more stiffer and less cushioned, but can you say how much?
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    Frame for elbow pain

    I always recommend Blade 104 family: 2009 K Blade 2011 BLX Blade 2013 Black one 2015 Black/green one
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    Djokovic another surgery news

    once you got it you have it forever
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    68RA in current model is relatively high