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    Alpha Accuswing 2

    I've exchanged emails with alibaba and they will not ship to USA. Having a couple of racquets (unstrung, no grip) that I know the exact swing weight of, I can tell you the "Stringway sw advisor system" works (see section SW Calculator) All you need is an accurate scale, small surface supports...
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    Babolat Star 5 or Prince 5000

    Regarding the Star 5 Read post #17 in this thread closely and consider the implications for both long term ownership, and the ability to resell should you want to a few years from now
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    ***Stringway Machine Users Club***

    I am a proud member of the Stringway Users Club. I recognize that Fred (Technatic) posting on the boards might seem (to those who are not fully on board with Stringway's approach) like self promotion. I say any company/individual who is offering to manufacture a piece for a machine built and...
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    I want to buy a stringing machine which one is the best and why?

    Based on the info that you are a novice I will offer the following: 1st) there is no universally accepted #1 stringing machine 2nd) read and watch ALL threads included here (Stringing Techniques/Machines Sticky) good luck
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    I don't want to overstate, but Gut/Poly will cure all your life problems.

    Try Wilson Revolve (not spin) as a cross. I have been impressed with the longevity (combined w Lux 1.25 gut in mains) I have access to a Babolat RDC, a Stringlab2 or a JET tension Analyzer to check string bed tension. I have seen minimal changes since the initial 5% drop. Currently down just 7...
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    FS: (2) Dunlop Biomimetic F3.0 Tour L3

    Pictures are available, pm or email me Price drop to $80 delivered
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    FS: (2) Dunlop Biomimetic 200Tour L3

    Lowered price $80/pair delivered within 48 states
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    FS: a pair of Boris Becker Melbourne (L4)

    Price drop $80 for pair (shipped to lower 48 states)
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    Debut of New Racquet Finder

    Just my $.02, the racquet finder "tool" is very much appreciated, particularly for it's info on older racquets. Looking forward to it's resurrection.
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    posted wo comment

    because I wanted to share with others who are interested in all things "stringing" low tech stringing Marco
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    WTB: Yonex VCore Tour G L3 (310)

    WTB: a Yonex VCore Tour G (310) L3 or L2 (Orange version 16 x 20 string pattern) pm or email gios DOT torino AT verizon DOT net thanks Marco
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    Luxilon gut sale?

    Lux Gut no longer a TW item and it appears that it has been discontinued. Once again me and the "marketplace" are in disagreement.
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    WTB: ---- Angell TC95 ----

    RA ? String pattern ?
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    The Angell TC 90 thread

    So this post has me considering trying an extended length but I am unsure as to if I would need to adjust balance point (310mm). Ie if on a 27" my spec is 320 static weight, 310mm balance point (which I fine tune with TW Tungsten Putty), would I still go with the 310 balance point ?
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    WTB: Angell TC 90 V3

    still looking for this