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    Wanted: Tecnifibre TFight 315 ltd 16M

    I think I have what you're looking for. I can send you some pictures. It's an L3 grip. Good condition and currently strung with gut main/poly cross at 58/52lbs. Not really looking to trade I think, too many rackets already. I'll PM you with pics.
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    My X-6FC needs parts. 1 of the frame support slide knobs (#270 in X-6FC manual) came off of the...

    My X-6FC needs parts. 1 of the frame support slide knobs (#270 in X-6FC manual) came off of the bolt. It's the plastic knob version. Can this be replaced? I recently found a small pin down in the tray of my stringer. It's from the clamp. When the clamp handle moves, there's a little roller so...
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    WTB: Head Classic Mid

    I think I might have what you're looking for. It's a 4 5/8 grip though, but of course that can be changed.
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    FS: Head Youtek Prestige Pro

    Trade for Youtek IG MP? Just a shot in the dark, but since you're selling the Mid and Pro, I thought maybe you'd want the MP. I've got 2 IG MP's and would be happy to trade one.
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    Best match at the French so far (Men or Women)

    I chose Gas-Waw match. It was one that I've looked forward too and it was just as good as I'd hoped. I also find it interesting that despite getting absolutely hammered constantly by the online community, Isner was on the list twice, and really has had a number of memorable matches in the...
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    Need a string in this order

    I've tried a few of the strings listed and PPA is definitely nice. I still prefer Rip Control though and always keep a couple sets of it around. For me it basically has the control and spin of a smooth poly, holds tension better than any poly, is soft on the arm, and pretty affordable. I've...
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    QUESTION: Head IG Prestige MP Pallet Swap

    Most people just get a longer grip and wrap it higher up toward the neck a little. That provides plenty of room for a 2hbh, and doesn't make the racket longer (unless you really want an XL racket...).
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    Best Spin String?

    I've never found anything that spins like Tour Bite (haven't tried the soft version yet but I will soon). I was actually a little surprised when I first hit with Tour Bite. The only bad thing is that it seems like the magic dies after about 8-10 hours. I also found that the thinner 19g Tour...
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    Steam 99S and 105s users - now the hype is dying...

    A little off topic, but unless you've tried and love Gosen Polylon, I strongly recommend looking at other options. I bought a reel of it because it was the cheapest on Tennis Warehouse, and I really regret the purchase. I've been testing out some Pros Pro strings lately and they are MUCH MUCH...
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    Donnay Xene core - True? or BS?

    My experience/insight: I have a pretty iron arm when it comes to rackets. I've rarely felt any discomfort from any racket. I picked up one racket a couple years ago though that, despite a 60RA flex rating, started really bothering my arm. During and after play, my arm (from below elbow to...
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    FS: (3x) Head i.Prestige MP (98), 4 1/2, 8/10

    emailed you yesterday, let me know if still available. Thanks! Marcus
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    Racket stiffness not the whole story?

    I have also found that there can be a big difference in feel despite similar stiffness ratings. There's a couple things I've theorized, but of course have no way to prove without some in depth experiments and complicated tests/machines: I feel there might be a difference between static...
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    Which brands of tennis racquets do you DISLIKE

    I voted but wish I could choose a couple. I have a hard time finding Wilsons that feel good to me, but I like some of the Pro Staffs a lot. But overall, I'm not a Wilson fan. I also wish I could choose Babolat. Haven't ever used a Babolat I enjoyed. The PD 2012 isn't bad but still...
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    How much do you hate losing?

    Depends on how I play. I could be loosing but playing well and I'll be in a great mood. OR I could be winning but playing crap tennis and ready to go home and try another day.
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    are low-powered racquets better for developing your strokes?

    Ya, I've been doing some casually friendly teaching for some friends and for my wife and I find that many beginners have the same issue of blasting balls to the back fence. I've never had a beginner who swings too slow and hits the ball but it doesn't go over the net. No... they all swing too...