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    When do YOU restring?

    When they break, or if they are freying badly and i have a tourney soon
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    Club Barricade IV

    White/Grey Size 8 UK
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    is this true about the forehands???

    I find taking the ball at the top of the bounce/ on the rise gives me more chance of hitting a better shot and in becase you can hit the ball down/flatter more. Whereas if you hit it on the way down you are forced to put more topspin on to make it loop back down.
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    Trap sesame?

    With the prongs on a fork
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    Artificial Grass help...

    Play pn artificial grass alot with my barricade IV's and they are fine. However they could be a bit slippery if it has rained the night before or same day and if they have too much sand on.
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    there is a thread and someone has posted pics of the radical and prestige i think. Definately the radical though...
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    How Do You Build Up Your Grip?

    Well, my coach got me one from the local tennis shop. Maybe TW sells them?
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    How Do You Build Up Your Grip?

    I would think that an over grip or two would make it go up a grip size. Or you can get a heat shrink thing that makes it got up a size but them you have to take all the grips off i think...
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    VIDEO: Alsager Junior Groundstrokes movement

    hahaha they r good, did u do them today?
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    nike sphere macro react

    exactly the same as the 1 federer wore at wimbledon
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    nike sphere macro react

    i just got 1 today but im from england, it was £34.99 but i dno wot that is in usd
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    wilson nxt crosses

    i had alu mains n nxt crosses n hated it
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    what strings in a nsix-one?

    in america, they call the 1 jack just bought the team n his old 1 is the nps
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    what strings in a nsix-one?

    it is the team, for americans...
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    Tournagrip - Too short?

    even the extra oong tournagrips are short, barely reach the top of the handle of my pd and i like them to go past the handle for some reason:mrgreen: