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    Why is the Yonex Astrel line so expensive?

    I too am super-curious about the Astrel 105 because they have an Ezone 105 (new blue) and a Ezone 108. As someone who is a fairly recent convert to Yonex racquets, I have to believe the sweetspot on these would be massive. Their just too dang light and a significant customization effort would be...
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    Senior Doubles Player Racquet Quest

    Let me share my thoughts on the Yonex frames, particularly the Ezones. I have one, an Ezone 100+. As stiff as it's reported to be, I prefer the muted feel over my two Vcore 97's. I want to love the Ezone. The issue for me is the VCore's are very precise, if not a bit too demanding at times. The...
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    Senior Doubles Player Racquet Quest

    REPORTING BACK. Tried the Prestige PWR. Poly string. Felt hollow. Injected foam, felt better but with a racquet that light, you really do need to generate more racquet head speed or you end up "bunting" shots to control the massive power potential. It's in the closet. Back to my Yonex's. Failed...
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    Need racquet advice - Clash vs. Ezone vs. Extreme

    Alex. Huge difference isn't apparent. Is there a definable and noticeable difference? In a word, YES.......because it has a massive 337 swingweight which, if you play against hard hitters, will hold up better under intense firepower. (Extreme =328, Ezone 100=322, Clash=322) There really isn't...
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    Need racquet advice - Clash vs. Ezone vs. Extreme

    Alex. I can only comment on the Yonex's. I have two Vcore Pro 330's, an Ezone 100 (silicone in handle) and an Ezone 100+ extended length. Strangely, the Ezones feel the most arm friendly. The VCore's feel crisp and more precise. Ezones feel muted and not stiff at all but they have easier power...
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    Anything new in the OS world?

    Volkl V Feel 7,,,,,,,,,,Too Stiff for Papa Bear's elbow. Head Radical Oversize Anniversary......Too Heavy for Momma Bear after 2 Long Sets Prince Original Graphite Oversize....... WAY Too Heavy for Momma Bear for 10 minutes Yonex Astrel.......Overpriced Baby Bear....but would love to try it if...
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    Senior Doubles Player Racquet Quest

    Watched a tournament (video) from a recent tournament in Palm Desert. Lots of "ranked" seniors and lots of over-sized racquets too. The Gamma 117 seems to be popular. Also saw some Wilson's, Princes and more but many OS frames. The Gamma frame has interesting specs. Not sure I'm ready to go ALL...
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    Question About a "Second" evel of Older Play-testers

    I think your playtesters do an awesome job. I make many of my purchases from TW based upon their reviews of racquets. They are all very knowledgeable and relevant. I want to suggest something is missing though. I think you would do well to enlist a group of seasoned older players at the 4.0-5.0...
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    Tim Mayotte launches new web site

    Mayotte grew up playing the public red clay courts in Springfield Massachusetts....until they built new hard courts across the way. The whole family played. John (oldest, now ruling the senior courts in Florida), Chris and Tim. Their father, John, was a real nice guy. Played him several times on...
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    Dunlop Muscle Weave 200g 100 question

    Good they were.....damn spell check!
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    Dunlop Muscle Weave 200g 100 question

    I owned three Dunlop Muscle Weave 100's with the extended length. At the time, I wasn't a racqaholic like I am now. I didn't even realize they were extended until I propped them up against a Dunlop 95 Muscle Weave. They were great. Improved my serve and my OHBH immensely. I didn't realize how...
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    VCore Pro 97 (310) 2019

    A confession on why I play with this frame. No, it's not Stan, Osaka, Kournikova or anyone else. It's because of the TW playtesters scores given to this frame. I know there's a certain amount of "bull" built in to their reviews but if given the choice to demo a racquet they rate a 75 and one at...
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    If you are a flat hitter, I have a suggestion. Until two months ago, I played the Ezone 100. Loved it. That Quake Shut Gel stuff makes this stiff racquet feel very comfortable. I used these frames for 1.5 years.....and then......I hit with a VCore Pro 97 (310) weighted up to 11.7 ounces and I...
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    Why did you switch to Yonex?

    I came across mine during a massive "demo - playtest" that took a year (and several dollars) to complete. As a HEAD Prestige aficionado, I never thought my tastes would suggest a 69RA stiffness but the quake shut gel or whatever it is, makes this frame a great choice for a doubles stick. Good...