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    Does Isner Foot-fault with his back foot?

    I just watched a D1 player foot fault in the deuce court the entire match. d. Touch the imaginary extension of the centre mark with either foot
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    WSJ: Coco Gauff is the future of American women. American men have no future.

    He would kill everyone in the Stanford lineup. Yes everyone.
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    WSJ: Coco Gauff is the future of American women. American men have no future.

    I'm a serious nut. My kid wants to be a pro and knows the odds. Imo an American kid must love tennis and have all the physical and mental intangibles to be Top 300. Whereas imo other sports do not require love/obsession to reach very very high levels. Lots of kids think they love tennis until...
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    If Schwartzman wins...

    So correct it is a great sport for short guys who can do the work. There really is no disadvantage against most players if you are as dedicated as similar sized competitors.
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    Do Rackets from post 2000 really go "dead?"

    my child is high level Junior who went to a racket tech seminar and was told by the lead technician that today's rackets are good for 40 stringings and then they are done. Mind you this may not apply outside of high-level play
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    Why UTR is a deeply flawed system.

    The way u t r has implemented this it amounts to a defacto confirmation system.
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    Taylor Townsend - Wow!!!

    Sundowning is tragic.
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    UTR Admits Change In Algorithm—Severely Hampers Ability To Raise Rating

    UTR Makes it Easy UTR has made it less costly to you when you play a much weaker player. Your match doesn’t count when you play anyone outside 2.0…unless you lose.
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    Head "Proplayer" Strings

    Sounds like Weiss Cannon is helping Head make string
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    USC Men's Head Coach Peter Smith Resigns

    Brett Masi has been named the new head coach of the University of southern CaliforniaNew USC coach hired
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    Foreign Players

    You gotta love it. Same as a kid that loves basketball. However, I think that tennis requires an almost zealot like cultivation of that love.