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    They will try, but they won't be able to sell enough to cover the fees paid to Federer easily! Even Nike had a hard time justifying the paid check to Federer in the last few year or so.
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    Nike’s planned USO shirts for Federer

    Go Go Power Rangers... LOL May be that's THE reason he left! Fed was like, "No way I am wearing these!"
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    Uniqlo was very ineffective when they had Djokovic. Very little money was spent on marketing and the shirts were often too generic. In the beginning the quantity they produced was also extremely low (were they trying hunger marketing?). It was a total waste on the deal. I hope they would design...
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    Federer Fans - Anti climatic feeling?

    I feel a little bit "disappointed" to his celebrations. It wasn't exactly like any of his other wins. He didn't scream, jump, let alone falling to the ground like most Slam win celebrations. I understand he cried but that's about moving back to the bench. May be the crowd was too bored from this...
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    Considering that Nadal is so much better than everybody else, how many FO titles will he likely get?

    SO true. It is just as likely that both Fed and Rafa would not win another slam ever again. I love how women's RG turned out this year. "If A doesn't play, then B, the next in line should win it." I don't really buy that.
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    Fed Fans! Would Roger beating Novak in W final be the perfect ending?

    As long as Roger is happy, and picks when to retire from the tour on his own terms, that is my best ending. But if we wanna do it TT style I'd say 20 slams would be sweet, as Roger did mention 20 at one point in an interview. Beating who at what slam is really not that important. People can...
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    Held the RF97 in my hand breaker :(

    It's not about assumptions but repeated findings. It's not 100% for sure until it happens, but it is a damn good prediction (which you don't have to agree). And I am just saying it's my deal breaker, what's that got to do with "spelling doomsday"? I choose not to buy it doesn't mean I am telling...
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    Held the RF97 in my hand breaker :(

    I already know... It's not even a time will tell thing because like I have said, everything I ever own with this stupid rubber coating will melt. There is no "IF".
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    Wilson Pro Staff 85, best racquet ever made. Who agrees and why?

    Superb control, touch, and feel *as long as you hit the ball perfectly*. I enjoy the PS85 and think of it highly, but IMHO it is not a perfect stick for the modern game. Nobody that I know of wins pro matches with this stick, let alone winning it all with this stick. Those who play well enough...
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    Held the RF97 in my hand breaker :(

    I was pretty hyped about the new Fed pj and was ready to pick one up within the next few months. I really don't mind the heavy SW at all. The huge disappointment came as I started to feel the pj on the racket. The laser engraving and the Fed portrait is definitely a very nice touch, but then I...
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    As a fan, I wish a great end for Federer, but it just doesn't happen

    If he is healthy, there is always a chance. However, it's no longer up to Fed himself anymore. The stars would have to line up for him for that. Looking at some of the comments, it seems like Fed's "perfect end" would have been retiring right after Wimbledon '12. I think this is the perfect end...
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    Nike UltraFly

    I never buy into the flyknit technology with their high price point (since their running shoe line, not to say in the basket ball shoes too). Nike makes a very comfortable shoe because the upper is basically a liner made to look like an upper. It is an innovative design but at the expense of...
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    Could this be the most boring AO of late?

    If Djoker wins in 3-4 sets in the final, it will be extremely boring. We need a match that could go either way.
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    Asics GR5/GR6 For Plantar Fasciitis?

    I had PF. No shoe by itself is good for a serious case of FP. You will need to use a good solid insert plus taping the bottom of your foot. From my experience GR is better than V9.5, and Barricade like the 5 is even better.