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    Giving Up on Jack

    Sock's form will improve when he gets picked for Laver Cup again.
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    He's already beaten Ralph in a slam on hard court now. He should have closed out Ralph at the USO a few years ago. Nolan he has already beaten him at Roland Garros, and could have beaten him this year at the AO. He's gotten closer to pushing them at slams. It's a lot different to come into a...
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    We now know who really worked during that period.

    Change your avatar back to what it's supposed to be.
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    BIGGEST CHOKE IN TENNIS HISTORY? - Zverev loses US Open 2020 final from 2 sets up!

    Even worse, Tim was injured/cramped. Zed wasn't yet, and was still choking with double faults.
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    I actually think this will help put Tim over the hump mentally against the Big 3. Sometimes you just need a little luck and small push like this to give yourself confidence you can do it. Tim has certainly come the closest out of anyone who hasn't won a slam to push Nolan and Ralph.
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    We are now in the TIME OF TIM.

    No Age of Alexandra. This is THE TIME OF TIM.
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    Do the public courts Venus and Serena practiced with their dad on still exist in Compton?

    FYI, I did end up going there a few weeks ago, around 12 noonish on the way from San Diego to Sequioa National Park. Unfortunately the doors were locked because of covid. But the locals were defnitely looking at me funny. No robbery attempts were made.
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    Another Pro Staff and lead tape thread...

    I haven't added anything yet, but my god I love this racquet and want to keep loving it, but with hte current setup (lead tape only at the 12) going full swing sometimes with this racquet with max force, it keeps flying about half a foot out on forehand. And I'm just not getting the grab and...
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    Indian Wells insanely slow court speed: official stats which prove it

    I was also tagged in regards to an old post as well recently lol