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    Star 5 - stiff

    I know "reference tension" is "just a number". But I would like my machine to pull te SET reference tension (and not yank an extra 5#) Edit: I know Babolat makes excellent machines, but 5# overshoot.....
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    Differences in tension heads

    We all know what you mean, but it would be good to use the correct name: diabolo (and not diablo=devil)
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    Calibration scales

    Irvin, you know, the only (almost) constant pull is the Stringway automatic dropweight :)
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    Calibration scales

    On a lockout at "lockout" (what was) the pulling side is connected to a locked (= fixed in place, therefore the name lockout) gripper. You have to keep a sharp eye on your calibration-scale, cause immediately after lockout the tension drops. (If you use a "fresh" piece of string). So better use...
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    Synthetic gut Mains / Polyester Crosses Club

    For all my "clients" who have no specific wishes I string sg mains, poly crosses. (all these people have new strings once every blue moon) Biggest advantage: the stringbed doesn't lock-up. The mains notch, but keep sliding.
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    First stringing experience?

    Started stringing ~7 years ago on a XXhand Klippermate I had bought for €15. The machine was ok, the clamps were worn out. I knew "nothing", not even where to find info. I bought the manual and some strings from Klipperusa (and a new point for the awl) and I was in business. First frame took me...
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    Stringing Matters
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    Stringing Matters

    It's doable to reuse gut, but it's time consuming. (description for reusing gutmains) 1: leave the tails when tying the endknots, and make that knot such that it can be untied. 2: when the gut shows (excessive) wear in the middle it's time for action. 3: mount the frame. Cut the crosses (or...
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    Swingweight measuring or calculating??

    Wouldn't velocity and mass be the 2 that do the "plowing through" ;
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    Stringing Matters

    Klippermate has an excellent manual for people who start stringing
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    Trying to save money by stringing

    Agree. My first stringer was a Klippermate, €20! Still glad I good change to a ratchet-dropweight first, and then to an automatic dropweight (Stringway). Did not regret the upgrades, especially to a Stringway. (as Stringway is from the Netherlands these can be bought used for ~€150-200)
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    WISE 2086 - error code #15

    So you have to make (a lot of) costs even if it is a warranty? Does not sound as a fair deal. For items sold in the EU there is customerprotection for these costs:
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    Full poly stringjob, instant notching

    You can avoid (delay) a locked bed with a hybrid. Use your favorite string in the mains, and a slick harder poly in the crosses. (eg I use Kirschbaum max.power mains, a co-poly, and supersmash in the crosses) The mains will notch, but not the crosses.
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    What racquet do you regret selling?

    Yeah, great racket. But sold it to teammate. He likes it. I know use a b- model from Yonex (RQ Ti42 ultimum) Edit: I don't think there have been "real" improvements in rackets last 10-20 years)
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    Question about lead for stringers.

    I do grip-enlargements with balsastrips €10 including new grip. And silicone-in-grip weight/balance correction: €10 (including new grip). Realistically I should charge double, but for me it's a hobby, and most players I serve are recreational players. (They spend more money at the bar then on...