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    Next Generation of Pro Staff is Here; Pro Staff RF 97 Review

    This is the first Wilson racquet in a long time I'm eager to try. I was a long time user of leaded up 6.0 95 until the discontinuation moved me over to the prestige pros. Hitting the sweet spot on a heavy yet headlight pro staff is an awesome feel.
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    Who's greater on clay: Maria Sharapova or Serena Williams?

    The wording is bad. Who's had greater accomplishments on clay? The case could be made for sharapova. But wording anything straight up Serena vs. Sharapova and the answer is Serena. She plays for blood when she plays against Maria and seeks to destroy her. If Serena had played...
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    Nadal has won Slams in 10 consecutive years SO FAR...

    pete and fed had streaks of 8 years. 93-00 03-10
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    Should Djokovic lose to Nadal in the final...

    out of my mind? please. you joined this forum 5 weeks ago and have 1180 posts? What could you possibly know about anything if you're posting in a forum all day. lol
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    Should Djokovic lose to Nadal in the final...

    I thought the Miami match was a tell because Nadal truly does want the Miami crown. He fought hard for it and lost. I thought it might have spelled trouble for him today. Alas, it did not. Being a set up and 5 all in the 2nd, it appeared that the moment got too big for Novak. From a...
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    FS: 3 Youtek Presitge Pros matched set L3

    $80 each or $225 for all 3 shipped.
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    Why is Wawrinka better than Haas?

    Haas has a winning record against Safin. 5-2 overall, 4-1 on hard/indoors.
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    Now we have wild cards almost winning M1000's...

    the title of this thread is extremely misleading, and down right dumb. You're implying the term "wild card" like the usual american or australian young guys getting WC's from the US or Australian Open. This is Federer deciding to enter the tournament last minute.
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    Why is Wawrinka better than Haas?

    His fastest serve on record is 136mph at Stuttgart in 2001. Because it's been so long, people don't realize he had the power before his shoulder. Have you seen him in person? The dude is muscular and ripped. At 6'3" 190lbs he's capable of power, but the shoulder is the weak point. I...
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    Head Graphene Prestige MP... Beast or Bust?

    I jumped on a rare opportunity to buy a brand new set of matched pro-stocks with leather grips. In general I agree. The graphene prestige MP is set up for the power baseline game but it's missing the 2 most important elements: topspin and power. lol
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    Dude wants me to pay for his new racquet

    he can want in one hand and crap in the other.... see which gets filled first.
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    Question regarding PT57A

    i just sold my PT57A's after 2 years of use. My advice? Go after the Dunlop muscle weave 200g reissues or something made today with a soft flex. The PT57 is a nice frame, but the only way to get decent power is thru added weight. Mine were 365g. Not sure if that will be a problem...
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    Head Graphene Prestige MP... Beast or Bust?

    I had a nice 2 hour hitting session on friday. the key to improving the racquet for me was adding 2g of lead in the lower part of the throat. It started to feel like a prestige again. Of course, with the finest calfskin grip, silicone, and a lot of lead it's nowhere close to resembling the...
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    When Stan Finishes, will he become this generations Safin?

    Funny pic, I was going to compare more to Thomas Johansson actually. Later stage of career AO win, and I think TJ had a masters series title or two as well.
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    Graphene Instability

    i'd venture to say there is almost no actual graphene in these racquets. according to a few articles i've read, the cost of manufacturing graphene is in the order of over $10,000 for the size of a postage stamp. How much do you think ends up on a $200 retail item? Head probably...