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    Tier One Sports

    I think what you said about BK is what I like about it. It is just a no nonsense string. Very predictable. While FireWire can provide more spin. I felt like at times the ball was just launched in a unpredictable manner. I had this issue with other trianglular shaped strings. Maybe over time I...
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    I have played with both of the string over the past 2 months. Control- ICE code Power- Xperience Feel - Xperience ( but not by any significant margin) Tension Maintenance- This is where I think I will be in the minority. I liked the playability of the Xperience over a longer time. In...
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    Yonex VCP 97 310 - Adding weight

    I have been messing around with the weight everywhere on this racquet (with leather grip) for the last year+. I would simplify it and start with lead at 10&2 first and see how the stability is at the tip of the racquet where it can flutter at times. I was using lead a 3&9 for the past few...
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    Tier One T1 Black Knight

    I played with the 1.23mm in my Vcore pro. You will be good in the mid to high 40s. Black Knight plays very predictably. It is a soft control oriented string. As a comparison with Firewire and Firewire Boost. I could not tell where a small percentage of my shots were going. The Boost is...
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    @alidisperanza, I usually play with black knight in the 48-46 range. In the past I've tried gut and gut hybrids but have only ocationally clicked with it. Would like to give this setup a shot in the VCP. Thanks for the input.
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    @alidisperanza, what tension are you using in your gut /black knight combo?
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    What tension and gauge were you using? I have used the DR in the past. I don't think you will ever get that same feel with the VCP. You can go pretty low with the tension on the VCP. 42-48 range. That adds to the comfort. You may want to had weight as well if you haven't. In the end, bad...
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    Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro vs Yonex VCORE Pro 97 (310)

    If you happen to go the yonex route. Like others have suggested in the long VCP thread, that lead at 10&2 is a little more effective than at 9&3. I find it better at eliminating the fluttering feel you sometimes hit at the top of the hoop. As well as adding a little more power.
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    Question for users of Isospeed Cream - tension?

    Early this year I strung my Dr98 with cream 16L. I thought that I should bump up the tension a little more than I normally use. I strung it at 53/51. I was surprised how long it took me to break in this strings. The first couple of hours were a little difficult to use. For me, once the string...
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    yonex poly tour pro vs poly tour fire vs poly tour strike

    I find cream and strike to be quite different. Totally different feel. I think it would depend on your stroke type. Cream may have more power while strike has good power and more spin. Cream did not work for me at all. Strike was much more to my liking. Best of luck with trying them out.
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    I agree with you on this. I do find that the vcore pro does have a different grip size than other yonex models. I have never played with Duel G. I can compare it to Dr98+. After replacing the VCP 310's stock grip with a head leather grip. I find that with the new leather grip it does feel...
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    Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    I will not judge if it a "good power level." I hope you get a chance to try it out. I do find it to have a lower power level than the DR98. For me was most noticeable on my flat serves. The increase of spin and better shape on my ball of the VCPro310 is the trade off I made vs the higher power...
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    Tier One T1 Black Knight

    I just played with it for the first time this morning. There probably is a lot of recency bias in what I am about to say. I strung the 17G in my Vcore 97 310 at 48/45. I did have one issue when I was tying off the bottom cross. The string ripped off before I finished tying it. I still had...
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    Great dealing with you. Thanks for everything.

    Great dealing with you. Thanks for everything.
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    FS/T: 1 x Yonex EZONE DR 98+ Plus (310g) Blue 2017

    Thanks for your quick shipping and great communication. It was a pleasure.