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    Racquet Bag got Cat Peed on

    Maybe time to try catgut on the mains?
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    grommet tips

    This is exactly how I learned to do it and it works pretty much every time ( although some racquets are easier than others). The harder the surface the better—marble countertops are great for this method. Just roll the head with a little pressure and set the individual grommets in each hole from...
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    Naomi Osaka withdraws from the French Open

    Looking forward to her sit down with Oprah, Harry and Meghan.
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    String weavers

    Or a setting off awl. It’s basically a large gauge blunt awl. Like weaving, the “straightening stab” is an acquired skill.
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    My 8 knot masterpiece

    I find this thread knot amusing.
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    String weavers

    I saw Harry's video earlier today--I came away convinced that it would actually take me more time to use that thing--he basically still had to weave. I guess a newbie may get a benefit but as struggle says: Just learn to weave. I have not used the Stringway or MiStinger tools so maybe they...
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    Alpha Ghost 2 Stringing Machine

    Kevin is Gene’s son.
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    Alpha Ghost 2 Stringing Machine

    Unique Sports Products is effectively Tourna--I believe Gene Niksich was the originator of those early products (Tourna Grip, the original "O" dampner, etc. and he has a ton of patents) and he and his sons continue to run the enterprise. Honestly, a great story of business success. As for the...
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    Alpha Axis Pro Or Tourna CS-300

    Quality crank machines (the two you mentioned, Gamma and the Prince Neos--are all very good machines) are more than enough for what I expect would be your needs. I think either would be fine. You might want to check with tennis machines dot com--they sell both and JC may have an opinion...
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    ^^^Well, it’s been 11 years since that post, he may be free now!
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    Straightening strings

    I straighten as install the crosses and then usually touch it up with my setting off awl as needed before I pull the frame off the machine. Fingers would work just as well at the end but just habit for me.
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    Fun fact . Never met a stringer who fon a single match.

    Actually the video pretty much confirmed what I was expecting as to your stroking technique, not to mention the tell-tale sound of a top notch string job at each ball strike. Bravo!
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    Model D Restoration

    Nice job! One of the better reclamations I have seen. Enjoy.
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    Happy Easter

    ^^^ Ditto--Happy Easter (or your preferred equivalent) everyone!