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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: NEW colors of Yonex POLYTOUR REV!!!

    Just had my last hit with the strings. Have approximately 8-10 hours on each color and they’re no longer snapping back. However… Has anyone experienced an odd sound? I hit a few ground strokes in warmup w/ the white and it sounded as if my frame was cracked. I actually stopped hitting to take a...
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    Questions on Topspin Cyber Flash 17/1.25

    From the bottom of my heart...thank you! Seriously...I was just about to quote item #1 in the original post and say what you said. However, I will add it also depends on the machine (drop weight vs lockout vs electric w/ constant pull), as well as the stringer. To the OP...the Extreme MP is a...
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    Frames on your bucket list?

    I've got an extremely (<- pun intended) slightly used one of those over in the 'For Sale' section...
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    ATP agrees to M1000 expansion

    One could argue all of them are indoor slams...
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    Why does almost every female pro wear a visor and not a single male pro wears one?

    According to him, yes: And from an interview he did after becoming Roddick's coach: Tennis Week: What advice have you given him this week about playing on grass? Brad Gilbert: Concentration. Don’t give your serve up. Play every point with a sense of urgency. Don’t celebrate. You celebrate...
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    Custom paint job in Southern California?

    I had a few painted up for my daughter a few years ago by Curtis at Custom Tennis (he's out of Florida). They came out really nice, and I'd highly recommend him: He suggested a few designs, and I decided to merge a couple of his suggestions into what you see above. He even made custom butt...
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    Debate of the Year: Pro vs. Con Vibration Dampener on your Tennis Racquet - Pick a Side!

    #TeamDamp, but only if it's the Sampras Tourna dampener: This is my dampener. There are others like it, but this one is mine...
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    Novak vs Mac Attack

    Mac in 4, and here's how it goes down: Djoker wins the 1st set fairly easily, maybe 6-2. Djoker is up a break 3-1 in the 2nd when Mac gets a bad call. Mac goes ballistic, throwing crap around, yelling at the umpire, calling for the tournament director, etc. After 5+ minutes of this, Mac finally...
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    This is my Boomstick!

    Am I counting correctly? Is that a 16 x 18 pattern?
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    Why does almost every female pro wear a visor and not a single male pro wears one?

    Until Gilbert told him to lose it…
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    Carlos Alcaraz and His New Pure Aero VS (2020)

    It all makes sense now. His incoherent ramblings, non sequiturs, massive typos combined with poor grammar. How did I not link the two before?
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    WTA week of 9/13; Luxembourg & Portoroz 250s

    Watching Greet Minnen vs Nuria Parrizas Diaz. Like “Halepeño”, Minnen needs to copyright the following phrase: I AM GREET
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    Tennis Warehouse: Head Prototype 2021 Racquet

    I did do a stint with the FXP before switching to an extended M Pro No 1, so maybe it was 15 years, and not 20.
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    Racquet price increases are insane!

    You know what’s insane? Crazy Eddie’s prices…
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    Tennis Warehouse: Head Prototype 2021 Racquet

    HPS 6.1 Stretch is right up there w/ the Pure Control + Swirly as the best 27.5” frame IMO. Of course, there’s no way I could swing them today…my shoulder would die in the warmup… But I agree with @jmacdaununder2…I’d like to see an extended Head option in a few of the lines…like Gravity and...