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    yonex vcore question - yes, I'm that dumb

    You really don’t have to cut the strings out to weigh them. Strings weigh, on average, 17-18g, so if it’s around 300 strung, you’ve got the 280g version.
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    USTA League Plus flights gone for 2021

    ^^^ what he said ^^^ As an example, our pro is 58. He's a solid 5.0, plays some tournaments, even lost in the finals of the 45s in the Grass Court Nationals a few years ago. However... He played our previous pro (who also happens to be a 5.0, as well as his student as a junior) in our club...
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    Do you really like eighties/nineties tennis better than modern matches when you watch replays?

    As a teenager, I liked Agassi, but as I began to watch more tennis, I became a huge Edberg fan, then a Rafter fan. I remember sitting in a bar in 1990 asking the bartender to turn on ESPN so I could watch the Edberg/Lendl Aussie Open final. Everyone in the bar looked at me funny. But, I...
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    Do you really like eighties/nineties tennis better than modern matches when you watch replays?

    What’s missing from today’s tennis is the clash of styles. In the 80s & 90s you had a ton of good serve & volleyers to push the baseliners to be more aggressive. You had true clay court specialists that forced hard court players to learn to construct points & be patient. You can’t argue that...
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    The Fischer Faction!

    I have 3 of them. Better feeling version of the current X Tour 97. Unfortunately for me, I replaced the pallets with Pacific pallets, and sold/gave away the original pallets, so I doubt anyone would be interested in them.
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    How to Find Your Ape Index

    Finally remembered to measure: +1.75
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    Changing grip size?

    I was going to suggest this, but then I realized it's a Yonex, and their base grips are already on the thin side...around 1.4mm if the info here is to be believed:
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    2020 cincinnati open mens entry list is out

    It's still TBD if he'll play the French, and he has almost 2 months before he has to make a decision, and for the most part, Europe has a handle on it. Right now, though, the US numbers are all over the place. Some states are trending up, some down. And some that were trending down a few weeks...
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    2020 cincinnati open mens entry list is out

    Agreed. Given how Dimitrov is saying how it has affected him, and seeing how many NFL players are choosing to sit out the 20-21 season, I think he'll err on the side of caution and not risk whatever remaining years he has on the tour. Don't want to get into an argument about the finer points of...
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    2020 cincinnati open mens entry list is out

    While I agree w/ your sentiment, the Cincinnati Masters is being held at Flushing Meadows this year: The Western & Southern Open is continuing to plan for the 2020 Tournament at the USTA's Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York City. Additional details surrounding the event have...
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    Top 5 Young Americans

    Three of my favorite 'young guns'. While I don't think de Minaur will win a major, I enjoy his fight & determination. FAA & Sinner...the sky's the limit for those two (assuming injury & burnout free).
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    Home Video Of Baseline Points

    Well, if you're a fan of Caddyshack, then you need to head on over to this post...
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    Home Video Of Baseline Points

    I said 'not choke up', meaning he should move his hand down closer to the butt cap. But, yeah, I probably could have worded it better...
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    Well, It Looks Like I'm Going To Risk It

    After 27 years of marriage, I can verify that where women hold tennis balls is nowhere near a source of spreading...
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    Home Video Of Baseline Points

    Nice hitting! Definitely look like at least 4.5 strokes, maybe 5.0 from the one in the blue shirt. Some of those cross-court forehands were quality, and the backhand looks smooth. The one in the orange shirt needs to not choke up on his forehand grip so much. Its driving me crazy... On a side...