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    Possibly a sad day and the end of an era

    #1 on that list for me would be Bow Brand Natural Gut. A close 2nd would be non-BT7 VS. VS would probably be #1, except for the cost.
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    Week 3 of Nationals is a big one - 18+ 4.0 and 4.5, 40+ 3.0 and 3.5

    Good to hear this, since my daughter was one of them :)
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    Week 3 of Nationals is a big one - 18+ 4.0 and 4.5, 40+ 3.0 and 3.5

    So you’re calling for the Mid Atlantic to come out on top? I hope not. My good friend is on that team, and I’ll never hear the end of it if he wins a National Championship. In fact, we’re hitting tomorrow for a bit, then I have to string his frames before he leaves Thursday. Maybe I’ll drop his...
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    TT: Superhero Edition!

    I am McLovin...
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    Sales tax?

    See here: The short of it is they are now being required by some states to collect sales tax. Shouldn't make a difference as we were all supposed to be claiming these purchases on...
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    011 | Catching up with One of Your Favorite TW Playtester's, Andy Gerst

    @TW Staff (aka Michelle), Here's your "Perfect 10 out of 10" in the Natural Gut category: Babolat VS 'Pre BT7'. Nothing in the future will ever top it. On a side note, I've never had a Trader Joe's ice cream sandwich...
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    Week 2 of USTA League Nationals is four days away

    My daughter is helping run the tournament in Vegas this week (its her first time as she just started w/ USTA in July), and next week. Then she goes to Arizona the 3rd week and runs that one on her own. Be nice, or I'll have to post the a-hole list here...
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    How do you alternate your multiple racquets of the same model?

    Glad I started using full poly at low (< 50) tensions. Oh, and I do 'B' during recreational periods, but when I play in a tournament I restring all (I normally have 3 of them) and switch to 'C', changing racquets between matches.
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    Stencil Ink Question

    I had that problem for years, then on a whim I tried the Tourna Stencil Ink Marker: Amazingly, it doesn't dry out, at least not for the 2 years I've had it. And I can go a month or two before I have to stencil a frame (customers seem to contact me in waves).
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    New Dunlop racquets on the way - SX Spin Series

    @Notorious_Junkballer and @Tommy Haas, yes, I'm aware the 'we' (the US) do dates (as well as times) differently, and that was kinda my point: Why can't 'we' (e.g., the US) do things consistently w/ everyone else. In other words...the 'lol' was directed at myself for assuming it would be written...
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    New Dunlop racquets on the way - SX Spin Series

    lol...'Coming soon 01.12.19' me: Wait...Hasn't January 12th, 2019 come & gone? Don't they mean 01.12.20? ... thinks about it... me: (face-palm) oh, December 1st, 2019! Dammit! Why can't we all list dates the same?
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    Doubles Silliness Today

    Wow. Becky really gets around...
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    Kirkland shoes almost gone.....have we lost out minds on shoe cost?

    I bought 2 pair of the Barricade 2018 Boost for $50 ea at an adidias outlet. You don't have to pay $150 for good shoes, and you don't have to wear cheap stuff that could hurt your feet. Just keep an eye out for good deals, and stock up when you find them.
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    Tungsten tape isn't sticking

    I too wrap clear packing tape over any lead I put on the handle (under the grip), mainly because I sweat soooo much and don’t want it seeping through the grip. But when I put it in my frame, I just leave it bare.
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    Tungsten tape isn't sticking

    I was wondering the same thing. Some people have this irrational thought that lead tape is toxic, and it is...if you have a habit of licking your frame. Apply it using gloves if you're that afraid of it, but really, applying it with bare hands and then washing your hands will do just fine. As...