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    Federer's US Open Outfit

    I believe those were from last years US Open
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    Match for Africa

    Actually the Nike Court Vapor RF X AM95 NEON
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    Nike Spring 2017

    Babolast, THANKS for the sneak peak into the line.
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    Nike Summer 2015 *Predictions*

    Did you see that Rafa's FO crew is now $90.00. That's a 20% increase from his other summer line. Outrageous.
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    Krygios' outfit in Estoril...

    Available now on TW. Nike Summer Advantage Polo.
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    Nike Spring 2015?

    Shorts are grey with green stripe. This kit will look great on Roger.
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    Nike Fall 2015 *Predictions*

    Always appreciate your information. Thanks
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    password change?

    Go into your User CP on the top left of the screen
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    New Lunar B 1.0 vs. 1.5 including pics

    Thanks. That's some real solid analysis.
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    Nike Spring 2015 Release

    Phil Knight is laughing all the way to his bank over this conversation. Master marketer.
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    Special Vapors for the WTF

    As with the rest of you, i punched in the second the buy opportunity showed up. It said "not in your cart yet" for about two minutes then said Sold Out. It's a shame the fans cant get these.
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    Special Vapors for the WTF

    Saw a picture of some Black AJ3 Vapors about a month ago, this looks exactly like them. Just like the Rhino picture in low cut with the RF logo.
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    Nike Winter 2014 *predictions*

    Didn't we already get the Halloween colorway last February with the Atomic Orange / Anthracite / Wolf Grey /Metallic Silver colorway for the Vapor 9.5.
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    Rate my forehand please

    Those Vapors need black socks.
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    Official Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Thread

    I had them in my hands at the US Open Nike booth and they were pink as day. TW's description correctly states : Weight: 13.6 ounces (size 10.5) Color: Black / Hyper Punch (Pink) If you think they are red, that's all that counts.