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  • Hey Mike:

    How is it going? Drop me an email when you can. Hope all is well brother!

    I got it thanks!!! Will respond very soon>
    Glad you received it. Emails and computers sometimes do not co-operate at all. Take care my friend.
    I have not heard from you Steve. I know you are going through some family health issues. I am not trying to bug you. I am just making sure you are okay. No rush in sending me a message back. I am just letting you know I am thinking of you and your family. Prayers and best wishes to you and your family my friend.
    Glad to hear from you... :)
    Mctennis ,would you mind sent me a message?
    I got two used volkl C9 and C10 I can't identified, need help to identify them. Regards.
    Hello Mctennis, i saw that you have a Petr Korda's personal frame. I'd like to know if you can sell it.
    I am out of town until Saturday. I will send you a regular email since this site only allows 140 characters.
    I tried them on three different racquets without any improvement. I emailed him and he never contacted me any further. Good luck with this
    Hi mctennis.
    I came across an old thread from 1 yr ago about the bell shaped lead weight for the racket handle. Did you ever receive & use that weight John Cauthen sent to you? If so, did u notice any improvement in the racket play? I am considering trying out that weighting technique.

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