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    Does anyone believe Maria Sharapova is coming back as a winner?

    Hey, Mr. Damien..LOL :twisted: I am not sure though, could care less.
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    Twitter users?

    I will confess, I am on Twitter: @JongWong
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    Federer Wimbledon Jacket Controversy

    What exactly is your point? I don't think he knew the jacket even had the number on it. Roddick didn't win the match, is that the fault of Federer and for the Jacket Controversy that is most likely on this board? :-?
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    Will Davydenko win a slam over the next few years?

    Last year it was Djokovic, Murray, and Simon. At the end of 2006 it was Nalbandian.. :lol:
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    [1] Roger Federer (SUI) vs [6] Nikolay Davydenko (RUS) - 1st SemiFinal

    That's all based on the standard that Roger had set for himself with his own consistency. Tiger Woods situation will soon fade away because, guess what? He is worth 100's of millions of $$$ and money buys silence. Especially in the USA. All the scrutiny you talk about for Federer is based on...
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    [1] Roger Federer (SUI) vs [6] Nikolay Davydenko (RUS) - 1st SemiFinal

    You may not remember me, but my memory bank doesn't dig that deep into being politically correct, but Federer was beaten yesterday by Davydenko. The same player that a lot of posters that never even taken the time to appreciate what he had to offer. "Saram" will attest to that, but Federer...
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    [1] Roger Federer (SUI) vs [6] Nikolay Davydenko (RUS) - 1st SemiFinal

    Perhaps, but this isn't no prove of what you said or what I quoted of what his behavior proved.
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    [1] Roger Federer (SUI) vs [6] Nikolay Davydenko (RUS) - 1st SemiFinal

    Sensationalize much? If you are this creative in your actual profession, I wish you the best, because I saw nothing even close.
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    Fed express New Bats (PICS)

    You know this how? :?
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    Will we ever see man as the greatest ever on every surface like Graf is among women?

    Then again in the mens game, they have yet to find a crazed fan to literally stab his closest rival in the back. *Just saying*
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    [5] Del Potro vs. [6] Davydenko -- FINALS -- WTF 2009

    I pick Davydenko in 2 sets. Since I have been on this board, many have described Davydenko's game as "boring". But that came from those that knew nothing about the game. Let's see how a "boring" game can shut them all up. A JMDP's victory will not be a surprise either.
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    Who in all of tennis history could beat Nadal at FO?

    Based on the objective posts, I say Nadal can only beat himself. :neutral: What's the next topic? :roll:
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    Federer Has Lost 4 of His Last 6 Matches

    You show now up when expected, but the guy in your avatar has nothing to even mention. :? Sad, isn’t it?