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    Does Murray have the ugliest game ever among ATGs?

    surprised to hear lendl and wilander had ugly games, i always felt those guys had extremely solid technique. as for murray...nah, he's got plenty of touch and creativity.
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    Federer v. Sampras Ultimate Historical Match-up?

    i have all the respect in the world for pete but i'm gonna go w fed more often than not, just because i think he's gonna get in more return games, simple as that. clay obviously roger has the huge advantage...AO, still an edge w slower court. on anything really fast, for sure a great...
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    How did Federer win the hearts of the masses?

    off the court by all accounts, including players, federer is a friendly, affable, classy guy. from a marketing standpoint he's great because he mostly let his tennis do the talking, doesn't say anything controversial or give you anything to disagree with, really. easygoing and effortless is...
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    How did Federer win the hearts of the masses?

    i'm going to assume my federer fan trajectory was similar to millions of others: i saw a young player arrive who had all the shots, played a spectacularly appealing game, was creative, unpredictable, explosive and lethal. as a tennis fan, i'll admit it: i found that fun to watch. it's fair to...
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    Which American had the highest potential since Roddick, and why?

    blake's issue imo was margin for error. he had a great all-around game like you said but rather high risk over the long haul. fish is probably the best all-around talent besides roddick but he of course had his issues. currently, i'm going with korda.
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    We'll NEVER see a player with prettier strokes than Federer's

    that's got something to do with it too for sure. although he and pete have pretty similar builds, like you said, pete just carries himself differently...roger carries himself like a centurion, pete, more like a panther...or pickpocket maybe.
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    We'll NEVER see a player with prettier strokes than Federer's

    i don't think we saw a better looking game prior to federer, either. obviously mechanics have changed and with woodies you had to 'hit through' the ball a lot more, hence the game was a bit more 'flowy'...but even so, i've watched film of all the old time greats and there isn't a single player i...
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    I never realized just how ridiculous Chris Evert's levels of consistency were

    yeah her records are nuts, doesn't get talked about enough. feel the same way about martina winning NINE WIMBLEDONS.
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    Andy Murray booed after underarm service...

    booed? absurd. sorry but there is only one right opinion here: the underarm serve is a fun, dramatic, appeal-broadening addition to the game and should be vigorously encouraged. like, come on, who can ACTUALLY say when a player tries it, that they're like...what? aghast at the effrontery, or...
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    Is this the most comprehensive racket destruction in a while?

    not sure where in my post i indicated fights are the only thing that makes hockey a great sport? hockey would be great without fights–but it's better with them. and i'm fairly sure if you polled fans, past and current players, the answer as to whether fights are a fun part of the game would...
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    Is this the most comprehensive racket destruction in a while?

    disagree. love a good racket smash, as should anyone who's looking for this sport to grow its fan base. it's our small, harmless version of the hockey fight.
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    How do you rank Becker, Edberg, Wilander

    i find this to be an extremely difficult assignment other than the fact that mats didn’t win wimby makes it tough to rank him #1….but the extra slam and teenage slam win do complicate things. if i must: edberg, becker, mats
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    Toni Nadal on Rafa: “He still has two or three good years left”

    always appreciate toni's pov, the guy gives a pretty level-headed assessment most of the time. sounds about right.
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    How does prime Agassis's baseline proficiency match up against Nadal on HC?

    andre tended to wear people down, and i don't think there's much wearing down of a young nadal.
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    Who is the greater tennis player? (2 hypotheticals)

    just to add--i think their playing style, and the manner in which they won, would be significant. prime fed v some super-davydenko-style player would leave different impressions.