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    Djokovic: I'm sorry for Nina and I apologize to all fans in Serbia but my body completely collapsed

    “Just fine” Djokovic doesn’t get his ass whooped by consecutively Zverev and PBC. What sport have you been watching for the last 10 years?
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    Zverev played an ok match, but Djokovic clearly looked like he stopped trying from 3-2 in the second set

    Wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out later that he sustained an injury during the match. The drop in level and attitude is too much for it to be a natural fluctuation during the match
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    "Strange" reaction of Chris Evert about Novak...

    Please show me how the Olympics are factually a 250 event. I’ll wait.
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    Tokyo Olympics SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [4] Alexander Zverev

    Such a weird loss. He suddenly looked so vulnerable out of nowhere. Reminds me of the Musetti and Tsitsipas matches in RG except in those matches he managed to climb back in.
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    Better serve: Kyrgios or Groth?

    How can he have the best serve "by far" if there are guys like Isner and Opelka walking around. I mean, yeah if you line them up then I'm sure some people will narrowly put Kyrgios in front of the rest, but "by far"? No way.
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    Kyrgios and Ruud trade Twitter jabs

    Its the other way around. Ruud was making a joke. Kyrgios was being a d*ck. Or rather, he couldn't hide the fact that the joke pissed him off.
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    Djoker now -150 to win USO (Rafa was only -110 at the French!??)

    Nadal.. didn’t win the French open
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    Is Novak's dominance in world tennis the best zero to hero story?

    Uzumaki Naruto was a talentless orphan that grew up to be the Hokage and save the world. I think that beats being the best tennis player.
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    How the hell did I miss this?? ONE OF THEIR BEST MATCHES, EVER...

    So many times a player fails to take a match point against Novak, unbelievable
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    Prettiest backhand of all-time (okay, just the open era)

    I somehow get the strange feeling this thread is biased to one handed backhands
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    Tennis needs their own Shohei Ohtani!

    Osaka’s not even playing right now
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    Is Djokovic forehand now best ever?

    Your question confuses me. Is Djokovic’s forehand now the best ever? The question is contradictory. Do you mean if his forehand right now is the best in the world? In that case I might agree due to the lack of competition. Is it the best ever? Nooo freaking way. Fed had a much better forehand...
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    New York City!!!!!!! Here we come!!!!

    Still don’t get why someone would do this? Wouldn’t it just make the chicken soggy? And the taste of cola doesn’t go with chicken at all. Damn it USA, I thought junkfood was the one thing you could be trusted with.
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    A great day in sporting history

    I was slightly rooting for Italy throughout the match until the penalty shootouts. England was so close and I know how much they wanted it so I can imagine how much it hurts to lose it in the way they did. Honestly those last 3 kicks from England were embarrassingly bad, it needs to be said.