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    How much do professional tennins player's physios/fitness coaches earn?

    Hi all, I do not know if this is the right sub forum to be asking this question, so if the mods think otherwise please feel free to move it to a more appropriate one. I have always been passionate about helping athletes recover from injuries and am looking towards a career in that direction...
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    Will Nadal eventually get the slam record if he wins this match?

    Absolutely not. This will be his last slam title. Djokovic will win the remaining 3.
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    Nadal Will Never Take Over Federer's Mantle as GOAT

    Yup, I am well aware of that. Which is why I said "close to threatening Fed's major count". Even if he wins today and reaches 14, the last 3 will not be any easier as his movement is deteriorates with age. But this whole "even if he over takes Fed in majors he still isn't goat cause I don't like...
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    Nadal Will Never Take Over Federer's Mantle as GOAT

    So we went from saying Nadal will never ever: 1) Be world number one. 2) Win Wimbledon. 3) Win the US Open. 4) Threaten Fed's major count. And now that he is close to number 4, we say that his style of play prevents him from being goat. OP, are you a goal keeper by any chance? I like the way...
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    AO 2014 Final: Stanislas Wawrinka vs. Rafael Nadal

    Haven't watch much of Stan sans the match with Djokovic. He was chipping a lot of returns back during that match when returning serve. I don't think he will get much success with that tomorrow given how well equipped Nadal is at dealing with slice.
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    Calm down: Federer is 32

    Please explain why.
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    The strategy I would tell Federer to employ vs. Nadal

    He tried slicing yesterday. Nadal just directed the ball to his backhand until he hit a short ball and Rafa was all over it.
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    The strategy I would tell Federer to employ vs. Nadal

    Lol. Absolutely hilarious. It's like Roddick fans calling Fed a passing shot bully. Or Agassi fans calling Sampras an atomic second serve bully.
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    Why is there this overblown expectation on a 32/33 year old Legend?

    But this is almost a necessity in the modern game. So basically those that predicted that he would remain competitive in the slams until his late 30s were wrong.
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    Why is there this overblown expectation on a 32/33 year old Legend?

    Just a question: Why does Federer have a lot of mileage? Isnt his style of play suppose to allow him to remain competitive at the majors until his late thirties? And also, Gabashvili, Duckworth and Kavcic are "capable of pulling an upset"? Really? Since when?
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    Nadal is not human

    I cant fathom someone in the past who would be able to match up to Nadal in terms of concentration and focus. Vs Dimitrov in the QFs, he was down set point in the third set on his serve. I would have been ****ting myself due to the overwhelming pressure, but he somehow is able to play his best...
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    Who are you rooting for in AO 2014 F: Nadal or Wawrinka?

    Stan will probably wrap this match in straights. Nadal will not be able to Federer his OHBH like how he did today. Even if the blisters completely heel, he will probably lose in straight sets as Stan has been the best player in this tournament.
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    Brad Gilbert: "Nadal Double GS Will Equal Fed's Accomplishments"

    Nadal is losing to Wawrinka on sunday, so I don't really understand Gilbert's pre mature excitement. Fed literally gifted Nadal this match. Stan will not be so kind. He is hungry for his first slam.
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    Calm down: Federer is 32

    But isn't Federer's graceful, elegant, fluent, easy on the body playing style suppose to allow him to remain winning majors till 50? That was the vibe from this forum 4-5 years ago.
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    AO 2014 SF Nadal vs. Federer

    Look, I cant get everything right. I do not have the ability to forsee the future. I can, however, base my predictions on watching the players play and making a prediction base on that. Which I did. He looked utter cack against Dimitrov, no?