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    question about working out

    Ok, here's just a general question. I feel that early in the morning biking for 1.5-3 miles usually tends to wake me up, and I don't sweat even when trying my hardest. So, if I plan on doing a workout routine where every other day I at around 3:00 PM lift weights and then run, would it be...
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    Heght: 5 9 for 16 year old

    Drink lots and lots of milk. Also, what's a heght? ...maybe you should worry about schoolwork over your current height.
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    Core...lats...deltoids... Also, jogging is pretty pointless overall. Much better to put in a bit of effort and waste like 30-40 minutes a day, 3 or 2 days a week doing interval training...And I mean MUCH.
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    Just putting this out there - heard from many people that this is actually the best, fastest, and most efficiently possible way to burn calories. Is this true? I mean it seems to make sense...
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    How many calories would you estimate are burned in tennis?

    Which is strangely enough pretty much what I do. Except before a game so that it's all burned off, not after. Aaaand...yeah...Not really gaining weight here...In fact the opposite. And I myself hate playing "slow" tennis, where people don't run to get balls, or don't play seriously. My...
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    How many calories would you estimate are burned in tennis?

    100 calories? ...HAH... You use an enormous 2000 calories for basic daily needs such as breathing, digesting...blinking... 100 calories burned playing tennis? 1200 sounds about right, maybe a bit more if youre constantly moving never allowing your body to rest.
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    Proper racquet throwing technique

    Or you could put fear into your opponents by acing them? ...Ooooor trying to peg them? Nah, let's break a tennis racquet instead, you're right!
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    It's not earth shattering, but something beneficial none the less.......

    Or run 3 times every single day =0
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    running a mile

    Sorry, but since you didn't beat around the bush during your question, I won't beat around the bush in mine. Your mile time is not good. What can you do to solve this? A healthy lifestyle paired up with running more than a mile every day.
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    Guarantee you will atleast smile/laugh once.

    um, that's not youtube... Just telling you, in case you were being serious.
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    What shots are better now that you are older?

    =/ Hopefully all the shots would become stronger and more accurate.
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    Privates or drills?

    I don't see the point in private lessons. A person I know took private lessons for over a year, and I played at the local Fitness Center for 2 months, once a week, and beat him (with no prior tennis experience). Private lessons don't teach you anything you can't teach yourself.
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    teaching my girlfriend to play...

    I would advise against it - since the qualities of a good teacher and a good boyfriend usually don't match. And yes, I am being completly serious here.
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    Perfect Pushup Invented by Navy seals, does it work ?

    I've invented the perfect situp. But to do it while unprepared would break 4 of your ribs, minimum. And to get prepared you have to achieve an age of 200 years. To figure out how to do it however - just pay me $10.
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    Serve: netting vs hitting long/wide

    :P I always aim further not higher when doing flat serves, which almost always go in, and higher with more naturally applied spin when doing slice serves. Therefore even though both seem to always come close to hitting the net, when they do go in they're beautiful and make me proud I got em in...