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    re: Gear - Setting the record straight

    Someone who hallucinates he could beat a WTA player calling someone else deluional? ROFLOL
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    Anyone using 03 Tour Mid 95 only?

    Why don't you get a psychiatric textbook and check out the entries on projection and/or latent homosexuality?
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    Roddick just said his Pure Drive has a custom string pattern

    Will you admit you're wrong this time? I nailed you on the 4.5 getting only a single point against McEnroe but even posting the full article you wouldn't admit it. Are you gonna claim that's a fake photo above? No wonder you can fantasize you could get a game off a female pro.
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    Reebok ends deal with Andy Roddick

    Roddick won't be on the tour in 4-5 years - and companies aren't eager to pay money for WTT players.
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    Coria played better with the NXG?

    Suffered so much he's in the final at Monte Carlo - maybe even the closeup photos are some sort of holographic projection by Prince's pro room as the paintjob conspiracisy widens to fake consumers out on the O3 lol.
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    Vantage users : Can you update us on how things are holding up for you?

    Why is it that folks who wax poetic over Volkl or Head are "gurus" and people who simultaneously pump up the virtues of 13.75 oz. 55 flex sticks while demanding that "granny sticks" be banned for "creating unworthy 4.5's" are "genuine idealists" while someone who likes Vantage must be "a liar"...
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    Maria vs. Venus:

    Damn! It's so much easier when you know the score before you go on court! Don't count on Serena tossing a match to Venus (now a WTT player, like AK lol) at a slam since daddy knows Serena has the only chance in the family to beat Masha, Kim et al...
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    Should Pro's go back to smaller heads as a regulation?

    I agree, Deuce - and moreover with the 4x greater resistance to off-center twisting, the racquets can be swung very fast without regard to "sweetspot" because even a framer will likely go into court. The differences in ball speed are magnified on non-serve shots where the ball is going more...
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    Do you serve better/faster with a Top Heavy or Top Light racquet?

    Gaines, what fun is that? If you can't just drone on off the top of your head about what you heard in the men's rest room from the cigarette-smoking man, where will we be? On an unrelated topic, I appreciate the technical advice you give - stringing a racquet right is way outside my skill set.
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    fastest serve contest??? trying to understand racquets

    Those contests are a joke - the radar Roddick is timed with is accurate(Gentronics), the booths are calibrated 25% hot. Bonds uses a 31 oz. bat, Ruth used a 44 oz. - trend in all sports is lighter. Hogan's driver twice the weight of Woods.
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    Agassi always used OS?

    Idea that Agassi used a 104 frame stems from a JMac mistake. At US Open 2003, Agassi told him his new frame's specs and said 107 head size - Mac assumed the old one was 110 and said he'd gone 3 inches smaller, to be repeated on these boards endlessly. Agassi used a stock POG OS, idea that it was...
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    Serena vs Venus

    Nothing like WWE style pre-arranged matches - more class from the Williams family. BTW, who is Serena impersonating these days - Tarzan or Mighty Joe Young?
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    Widebody/Oversize Racquets and Women's Game

    Maureen Connolly would rout Serena, if you brought Maureen forward in time and gave her a big racquet or moved Serena back in time and gave her a small one. The wood racquet match would be more entertaining to watch. Bigger, taller, faster - you're just parroting the "big lie" technique of the...
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    Widebody/Oversize Racquets and Women's Game

    The consensus seems to have formed that widebody/ oversize racquets helped the aesthetic side of women's tennis, and hurt the men's. I actually think it has hurt the women's game more. There is some doubt as to where a #1 WTA player would be able to compete against a man, but no one thinks it...
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    Venus: Ouch....

    Graf was on one leg at the time and Venus was near her peak, so there's little doubt what would have happened if both were at their best.