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    The "Liberal Arts Bubble"

    Accounting undergrad here, plan on following up with a masters in MIS (management information systems) or finance. We have a 5 year track that grants the bachelors of accounting and a masters in another field of business. It always surprises me when people major in those liberal arts fields...
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    Study Abroad

    I have scholarships that make studying abroad cheaper than just traveling abroad with friends. I'm really tempted to go to Ireland because taking the Econ classes here will be much harder than taking them abroad (the trips are led by A&M professors instead of being taught by profs at the local...
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    Study Abroad

    I'm planning a study abroad for next summer. The two trips I'm trying to choose between are an Economics trip to Ireland, and an Arts trip to Italy. Both trips cost about the same, are for the same duration, and will give me 6 credit hours. Which country do y'all prefer? Also, if I do the...
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    Things people do that annoy you

    College age or older people who wear cargo shorts/american eagle/hollister/ etc. Grow up, stop dressing like you're in 6th grade. Children with no manners. My parents would never let me get away being a jerk to other people. You're kid won't get far being a spoiled brat, so man up and teach...
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    What are you reading?

    The Silmarillion by Tolkien. Just finished Beyond Belief by Josh Hamilton
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    I'm addicted to...

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    Making a grass court

    Here's another good video to help you:
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    Post Your Breakfast

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    Any Vibram Five Fingers users in here?

    One of my friends got them and liked them for a while. Apparently you're supposed to run on the grass or dirt in them but he ran on concrete and ended up messing his knee up.
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    University Discussion Thread

    I'm a freshman in college now. My decision came down to University of Texas, Texas A&M, and Baylor (with scholarships they were all about the same price). I got accepted into the business school at each university, and I ended up going with A&M. I absolutely love it. If anyone is thinking about...
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    this or that

    Make assumptions. Brooks Brothers or Polo Ralph Lauren?
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    American football is so boring, would you agree?

    The worst part is being at games and having a 2+ minute time out for commercials, pisses me off. I used to hate football, but now that I'm in college I love it. Games are awesome when I'm actually there, even if I have to be on the 3rd deck.
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    Suspenders and Bow Ties

    Next Tuesday my business class is having an etiquette dinner that requires us to dress business professional. A few friends and I decided to wear suspenders and bow ties instead of belts and regular ties. I'll be wearing a white button down shirt, either khaki or gray slacks, burgundy shoes...
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    Help me pick a protein shake?

    Yes me too, I look forward to working out so I can drink a Muscle Milk after haha. The first time I tried it I thought it was awful, but its really grown on me. The chocolate flavor is a little too rich, I like the vanilla flavor better. They're both good though.
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    Bowling/ Bowling balls

    Who here bowls? I started getting into it this summer, and I've averaged 135 over 30 games. I've decided I want to get my own ball now, so what types/brands do you all recommend? I'm going for hook shots.