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    Zero v wildcard

    Hi I searched a little bit couldn’t find any good comparisons between these for play, especially on clay. Anyone? Thanks
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    Volkl servo soft

    True I had some volkl shoes back in the 80s when British tennis umpires had a volkl contract. They were literally made of cheese and lasted about a week. World Cup rackets were great though. Sylvia hanika ha!
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    Visible cortex on Rafa's racquet? Madrid 2019

    No way is that real. A pure aero or any aero does not bend like that
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    Mixed Bag - Second String Garden Variety Classics

    Yamaha secret 04 Slazenger panther pro ceramic (white connors) Mizuno pro classic Some snauwert thing like Mecir used. Good thread
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    Why did English win?

    What are you talking about
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    WTB: Nike Court Tech One Bag

    Also interested please email me
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    Why did English win?
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    The Fischer Faction!

    It’s a secret
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    The Fischer Faction!

    By the way, managed to uncover more Fischer pro 1 ft brand new. Quite a few maybe 15 frames. Email me if anyone wants.
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    TenX Pro Racquets

    No idea at all just embarrassed by the video
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    TenX Pro Racquets

    Oh no the same video again I’m in when I was there and hit with tennisnerd. Old slow and fat. Me that is.
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    Versions of Boris Beckers Puma/estusa mold

    Someone please give me an idea as to what plays like a puma / estusa but is 20/30g lighter. I mean as flexy and as powerful. ??????
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    Versions of Boris Beckers Puma/estusa mold

    Anyone got any they don’t want??
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    Versions of Boris Beckers Puma/estusa mold

    I play much better with babolat apds, really, but these keep pulling me back. I’d love to find some Estusas to go alongside, as they are a touch lighter than the pumas. Difficult to find any!!
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    Memory Lane...What Racquet(s) were u using between 1985-1990?

    Becker super (still have them) and yonex rq 180 (awful both snapped)