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    Modification help

    1. Lead tape is not expensive. You can simply d.i.y. and usually you'll get what you want after several trial & error. 2. If you really want it done at once, then bring your racquet to a tennis store, tell them the spec you want and they'll do it for you. Just several bucks for labor. 3. If...
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    classic rackets...any further suggestions

    Tried the Fischer M Comp, feels around 63 rather than 59 as stated. Little bit better power than Donnay Pro One International from baseline but the Donnay feels more comfortable and easier to access spin (especially 2nd serve). I personally slightly favor to the Donnay.
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    An odd predicament...

    I'd say 1 or 2 good racquets from liquidation and strung with good string(s) is the way to go for your currect situation.
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    Prince's Strung-Thru-Stringing System™

    Great racquet! Remember we hit balls and it gets stuck at the throat when we were/are at beginner level? Now Prince offers a solution, and that's why it's called game-improvement racquet! Haha!
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    Yeah! But provided that one needs to know how to [K]ontrol the racquets!
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    anyone else do this?

    I'm... sort of. Price is a factor, but I also care about the playing characteristic a specific racquet has.
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    Why does the PS 6.0 85 swing so much easier than K90/N90/PS90??

    2nd here! Relax and let the weight of the racquet do the job then you'll appreciate it a lot!
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    Blisters from leather grip

    Overgrip will help, but not completely eliminate the problem, especially when one has wrong grip size.
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    Wilson Super Eighteen Pack!

    Gee! How heavy are they? You bring all of them every time you play tennis?
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    Stencils are for wankers!

    I'd rather have the "S" come with a diamond shape in bright red together. Haha!
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    about the Donnay Pro One Oversize..

    Compared to the midplus, it is (due to the composition), but it still feels a pretty solid and standard 100% graphite stick, doesn't really notice any excessive vibration. You can string it with some soft strings and try first.
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    2 questions from Newbie

    Speedport Black comes with 2 sets of grommet. One is the squarish String Port and the other is more traditional shape called String Hole.
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    flex feels weird on microgel radical

    I demoed the MicroGEL Radical. It is indeed much more flexible than Liquidmetal and Flexpoint versions. Personally I like this flexy feel more and it halps me generate more top spin from baseline. However, I also experienced some twist/instability when I hit off-center shots. Maybe HEAD should...
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    If u have 50$ where would u spend it?

    Depends on what you need the most right now. You'll eventually get all the stuff from all 3 choices. Just keep saving some more money.