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    Tsitsipas on Nadal - Interesting comments

    Nadal, with the extreme spin and trajectory of his shots, has faced more hooking attempts by opponents than anybody. When Nadal's shot hits the back half of the line, almost every opponent who isn't a veteran thinks it is out (visually). Guys like Tsitsipas just haven't seen those kinds of shots...
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    2019 Rome FINAL: Novak Djokovic (1) vs Rafael Nadal (2)

    Djokovic is completely gassed. I think Hitman said he should have lost to Del Potro anyways... and I agree. Hell, I thought he should have also lost against Schwartzman. I doubt this will be a double-bagel, but Djokovic might take one game. *Might*.
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    nick tells it like it is

    First, Kyrgios is 100% correct. Although personally, I find Kyrgios, Djokovic and Federer all cringeworthy. Kyrgios is the bad-boy who wants to be hated at all costs. Djokovic wants to be loved like Federer. And Federer is the standard-fare Swiss statesman. They are all three extremes...
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    2019 Rome QF: Djokovic vs del Potro

    The old classic case of playing better in the important moments (of which those moments are always few). Del Potro failed on more of the important moments than he succeeded. That was the match. I guarantee that after this match, Djokovic is going to his team and saying, "I got really lucky...
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    2019 Rome QF: Djokovic vs del Potro

    Del Potro has really been incredible this match so far. Djokovic is fortunate that Del Potro is having some issues with nerves/tightness. There is literally nothing that Djokovic is doing right now which is troubling Del Potro. All Djokovic can do in this match is hang back and hope Del Potro...
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    2019 Rome QF - [3] Roger Federer vs [8] Stefanos Tsitsipas

    Agree. Schwarzman has looked really good. If someone is capable of beating Djokovic in this tournament, I definitely think it is Schwartzman.
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    Who saw Kyrgios destroy Medvedev?

    Nick Kyrgios. The second coming of Marcelo Rios.
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    2019 ATP Rome Masters

    You are talking about hyperbole? So winning in five sets against John Isner on clay is almost at the same level of losing in four sets to him on clay? Please. Let's get into the details of those matches. Nadal lost two tiebreaks against Isner. Nadal won every set there wasn't a tiebreak...
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    2019 ATP Rome Masters

    Um, you are absolutely crazy. Federer is a really good clay court player, but he isn't just behind Nadal and Borg. That is insane. Federer isn't close to Djokovic on clay. Let us not forget that Federer lost in four sets to John Isner in best-of-five on clay in Davis Cup. JOHN ISNER ON CLAY...
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    Lew Hoad Serve

    Hoad was a brutally good server. But back in the day, you had to keep a foot down while serving, so that was a big impediment to serve speeds. That's what makes guys like Roscoe Tanner amazing. If Tanner would have been brought up jumping up into his serve, I can't imagine what kind of speeds...
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    Who has the best shot to beat Djokovic at Roland Garros?

    The best chance is going to be someone like Thiem or Zverev or Coric or Kyrgios or someone like that. Nadal's confidence is totally shot. And unfortunately for him, it takes weeks of matches for him to play himself back into form. Nadal is going to be lucky to get past the quarters. Nadal...
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    How does Djokovic's mental game compare today to 2011-2014

    Agassi didn't exaggerate his hatred for tennis. You probably have already read his book "Open". After the abuse he recounted as a child, it is no wonder that he hated the game for many years. His father physically and emotionally abused him from the time he was a small child. Hours upon hours of...
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    Nadal 08 v Djokovic 11

    As good as 2011 Djokovic was... and even though he bested Nadal in best-of-three on clay, I'm really not sure why anyone would be interested in comparing 2011 Djokovic to 2008 Nadal. 2008 Nadal crushes 2011 Djokovic. The best-of-five clay slam is a key part of the answer and Djokovic's 2011...
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    Basilashvili double faults MP up but it's called in. Fucsovics took a picture.

    They definitely need to add a rule on clay where the player can challenge (using hawkeye) the mark the umpire is using in order to make the in/out call. This also takes care of the issue where players circle the wrong mark. But there's honestly no reason to introduce hawkeye on clay to make...
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    Santoro 2.0. When?

    The real Santoro-like magician on the women's side is Nicolescu. Women on the tour consistently rank her as the one opponent they truly hate playing against. Nicolescu hits almost exclusively a slice forehand and can hit it short, long, DTL, cross-court, dropshot, and lob. She just makes her...