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    Exciting times in tennis coming up?

    I am making a call that next year, at this stage, looks exciting. On paper and results-wise the last 3 or 4 months point to it
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    Exciting times in tennis coming up?

    Medvedev, Zverev, Tsitsipas, Thiem, with a sprinkling of the big 3. Could be a GOAT year in 2020. Thoughts?
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    Bold prediction. Federer, Nadal or Djokovic will NOT win a single slam in 2020.

    I agree almost but nadal is a lock for fo. Draw depending, he could win 2-3. Fed is cooked, and Djokovic needs to tweak his game a bit.
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    I really hope Nadal never plays this "tournament" again

    He got the year end number 1 what else do you want? he didnt deserve to make sf on what he did out there
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    Circus Tour Finals strikes again

    He got lucky to get 2 wins
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    Fed 3-1 underdog, is it worth a punt?

    How has their level of play been?
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    The rules of the ATP finals are completely unfair

    You are on another planet
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    Medvedev favourite against Nadal, I think not

    I would like to that the guys that were jinxing, without your energy this bet would not have won. Thank you for your energy, as I count my money tonight I would like you to know that it was because of you.
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    Medvedev favourite against Nadal, I think not

    In the back of the net
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    Medvedev favourite against Nadal, I think not

    This is a gift from the book makers, get on board, Nadal to win
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    Better Serve: Roddick or Sampras?

    37 matches against top 5 is not much Fed has played djokovic more often. It is weaker and I think with more matches against the top 3 it will go down further
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    Thiem a lock against Djokovic

    Next bet I think we get on Nadal against Medvedev, who is favourite but looks gassed
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    Would Sampras and the 90's players have actually made it as a pro in this era

    I think the top players 80s onwards would make it. They would be better for the competition. The guys 20 or below probably not.
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    What are ideal conditions for tennis?

    Just watching the finals, indoor hard court. If you had to ask the pros what would the majority want?
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    Better Serve: Roddick or Sampras?

    There is a problem with these stats. The better players, Federer and Sampras, play against better opponents, as they make it deeper in big tournaments. So these stats are really not like for like. A big server like Karlovic has mostly played lower tier players, where as say Fed, has played a big...