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    How many titles will The Lost Boys win this year?

    Could include Goffin and Tomic in there lol
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    3-1 and serving, most important game in a set?

    Completely true. When you get broken serving at 3-1, you might be feeling down thinking "oh no I just lost the most important game of the set, now I guess I've lost all momentum". BUT... unbeknownst to you, your opponent at the same time might be thinking "Damn I fought like a maniac just to...
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    With just one masters left, who's the current favorite for the French?

    8 different finalists in the 4 biggest clay tournaments so far this year ! Last time it happened was in 2015, and before that we need to go back to the pre-Nadal era. Let's see if someone can buck the trend in Rome. In 2015 it was Djokovic. With Nadal doing poorly and Djokovic not quite as...
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    Fed has won 22 straight sets against Gasquet

    Gasquet has some skills but he was never athletic enough to really break through.
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    Karen Khachanov is now 2-3 in 2019 after winning Bercy

    Haha you can even extend the streak further back. Paris = bad 2002 Safin wins, the next year is terrible for him. 2001 Grosjean wins, next year his ranking drops and gets poor slam results. 2000 Safin wins, next year although not as bad as 2003 he fails to consolidate his 2000 breakthrough. You...
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    ATP's most exciting player? Dustin Brown?

    It's crazy what he did this week, on clay. I noticed 90+% of his dropshots came from his FH side, wonder why ? His ground game was very solid most of the time.
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    ATP current top 5 servers at 6'1 (185 cm) or under at the moment

    My bad, just checked and he's listed as 6ft1. Looks actually a bit shorter than Federer there !
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    ATP current top 5 servers at 6'1 (185 cm) or under at the moment

    Pouille is 6'3 I think. Gasquet's serve is/was pretty good for his height. He's listed as 6'1 but wingspan is probably 5'10 or so due to the narrow shoulders. Second Dodig, saw him live and his serve was indeed impressive.
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    How good was Agassi's FH?

    Very underrated shot ! Surprisingly consistent given how flat he often hit it, I guess thanks to his very simple and clean technique. Great shot selection too on that side in his later years.
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    Safin felt safer on the forehand even though his backhand was concidered better

    It's surprising that he said this. In his later years his FH was one of the most erratic among top players. You couldn't count on him hitting more than three in a row without making an UE. In his earlier years it was more solid, I think he hit it with more topspin.
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    What do non-British people think about Tim Henman?

    It was amazing when late in his career he made the FO SFs, even threatening the big favorite Coria for a while... He showed he also had a very adequate baseline game there. He also caused Federer a lot of trouble in their early matches, successfully rushing him I guess. I remember Sampras...
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    Why is Nadal's draw such a big deal?

    Point taken about Cilic and DelPo. You are right Cilic has been the more consistent one - his odds of actually reaching the SFs are definitely higher than DelPo's, but once there you feel it is DelPo who can pull off the big upset, not Cilic. DelPo has 16 wins vs the big 3, Cilic has only 5...
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    Why is Nadal's draw such a big deal?

    People claiming Nadal's draw is easy are looking at it compared to Federer's draw. But Djokovic's draw is really the easiest one. The Gasquet and PCB/Pouille combo in rounds 3 and 4 is significantly easier than Khachanov and Edmund for Nadal. After that, Djokovic's projected QF vs Federer looks...
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    freakish pro physiques

    Berdych has the tree trunk legs / scrawny upper body combo like many others on tour, but to a crazier level.
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    Why do pro players hit so short on most balls?

    At the ATP level it is all about ball trajectory and angles. Next time you watch an ATP match check out how many balls are headed for the corners, or even further out to the tramlines. It is impossible to get such angles by hitting deep.