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    Foam filled racket?

    it was easy to do...tho messy.....not for everybody perhaps.....I tried it on a cheapie first....I might suggest trying or buying a Donnay ....I found two for about 40 bucks each....I hear racquet reviewers slam frames for being too muted...I get it but a frame for me cant be muted enough...
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    Foam filled racket?

    I've done it with a Wilson BLX tour 103......RA of racquet. but plays really soft's my training racquet...just shot it around the hoop every 4 holes and covered the area I wanted to fill with duct tape over the strings obviously.....
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    Penn Extra Duty aren't fluffy anymore?

    Check out the country of origin.....Thailand balls(wilson US open, prince) seem of higher quality......China made not so good
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    Foam filled racket?

    I've filled my new Head Graphene 360 Radical S with foam in a can and it added a couple tenths of an ounce in weight.....shot it right up the handle and had a little leakage thru the strings around both sides of the rim(so it went halfway up the hoop)...... racquet is beautifully quiet anyway...
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    Kirkland shoes almost gone.....have we lost out minds on shoe cost?

    I bought my 9.5's for an average of 20 bucks apiece delivered...they fit perfect and with an added gel sole and in-sole support (remove the useless memory foam),,,,I'm moving safe and secure...Some charlatan has a pair for sale on the bay for 70 bucks....So glad I'm out of the market
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    Kirkland shoes almost gone.....have we lost out minds on shoe cost?

    The amazing Kirkland- Costco brand availability has drizzled down to a trickle for us seniors on the bay and other auction sites......I've bought enough new old stocks so i dont worry about stupid shoe prices going north of 150 plus....has every one gone mad? .... new models with fashion/...
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    Federer needs a new racquet!!!

    I think he needs to go with a slightly lighter racquet.....He's late on many of those forehands and it's shank city, not too mention he may not be generating enough racquet head speed to come over the ball and get enough loop in those forehand drives to clear the net.....he hit the tape...
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    Diadem is in the building - Here to answer any and all questions

    are your racquets foam core?
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    FS: One Angell TC-95, 9/10 condition, 4.5 grip

    whats the deal with racquet weight versus swingweight?
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    FS: One Angell TC-95, 9/10 condition, 4.5 grip

    may I ask what are you moving to?....I gots the TE blues....
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    Wimbledon 2019 | Full Match what went wrong for Federer ?

    His forehand blew azz.....shanked it... chummed it,,,,and generally lost it so many times attempting to open up the court.....We need to see his NEO forehand and maybe he'll switch to a Clash 108
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    Would we still be laughing if Fed served underhand at one of those Wimby match points and won?

    and what's with Demon's vaguely familiar new moustache
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    Foam core in the new Head 360-Gravity line ?

    Played recently with a Graphene 360 Radical S and besides being impressed with power and stabilty and felt very solid like my Donnays....Zverev's been spotted with foam filled frames when he gets to busting up his stix....anybody take a look at a frame with the grommets off?
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    Old Head Radical MP Youtek - What now?

    I just tried the new Head Graphene radical S and was amazed by the solid feel and control....mid air volleys were pain free and effortless... Knocked out high backhand slice like Roger...TE sufferer from way back and am going to spring for one of these...good luck