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    Good racquet for doubles player?

    Control at net?? What does that even mean?
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    JackB1's 11oz Racquet Corner

    I'm the same way. I really don't care anymore as long as I can play well. My game is more versatile now so I can use just about anything. Next purchase will be when I break a frame or they just get too worn out. I'm also done demoing. Been there done that :)
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    Head Graphene Prestige play test. MP/S/Rev Pro

    I loved the rev pro when I tried it. Like you said, you get a supreme feeling of confidence with it and you can just annihilate the ball
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    JackB1's 11oz Racquet Corner

    I really liked cyclone 17 mains and psgd 16 crosses both at 55 pounds. That's been my favorite setup. I used to have 2 grams at 3&9 but now I play it stock weight with a Wilson pro overgrip. I've found that I can use just about any light frame. Overall weight of a frame affects me more than...
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    JackB1's 11oz Racquet Corner

    Hey Jack, long time no see. What're you using these days? Lately I really don't care what frame I'm using as long as the strings are fresh poly or a hybrid. Need to restring my pro open after breaking them on a serve...hope all is well :)
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    How would you compare Head Graphene xt Speed Mp and Head Graphene Radical Mp?

    Speed is so much faster for me and the better of the two in my opinion. Similar power level except I get more spin with the speed
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    Some help with racket recommendations please...

    He made a good choice in my opinion.
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    Trying to leave the Pure Drive

    If they still sold it, I'd recommend the Wilson Blx Pro Open. It has the same pop as a pure drive without the harsh feel and with a little better control due to lower power. I've owned two and went with them over the pure drive for the same reasons. However, now I don't have any issues with pain...
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    Head Graphene XT Speed Pro feel is so stiff?

    I can't stand this frame now after using it off and on for a while. Way too stiff and just kinda unusable to me. Many better options. Same goes with the new extreme pro coming out. Just way too powerful and stiff compared to older versions.
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    Similar racquet to Wilson Pro Staff Classic Si 16x18

    That frame is pretty old now and it's hard to match playing characteristics between classic and modern frames these days. However, the frame that most resembles that would be a Wilson 6.1 (six one) 95 16x18. The stiffness is still there though, as it is for most rackets nowadays. The PSC is low...
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    Racket for a female beginner

    I wouldn't look too much into your frame, but I'd recommend anything in the sub 11 ounce range with a low swing weight (less than 320) and a mid plus-oversize range head (100-110). Good solid frames for beginners that don't break the bank can be found from prince and Dunlop. Stick with big name...
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    Head i.Radical MP L4 Made in Austria?

    Good question for vsbabolat I believe...
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    I see he's a fan of oversize frames
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    How hot is the Wilson Burn 100? (and Yonex Ai)

    Hahaha tell us what you think of them after you've had some time with them. :)
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    How hot is the Wilson Burn 100? (and Yonex Ai)

    I'm not forcing you to do anything lol. You're a big kid, you can make your own decisions ;) Joking aside, I'm only saying this out of experience. If you buy a racket new and use it, they won't allow a return as new.