Sep 26, 2008
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Central Florida

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Moderator, from Central Florida

It's easier to delete threads than sift thru 8 pages and read every comment just to save a thread. Perhaps that is what happened with yours Feb 17, 2017

    1. Bartelby
      I haven't made any political posts in the Irma thread, so why am I excluded from the thread for one apolitical post.
    2. Chadillac
      Did you go right to 30lb or work your way down?
      1. mikeler
        I went direct from 60 to 30. It's not all that much different, just more comfortable.
        Feb 18, 2017
    3. mikeler
      It's easier to delete threads than sift thru 8 pages and read every comment just to save a thread. Perhaps that is what happened with yours
    4. Bartelby
      The reality is that Nadal fans destroy every thread that isn't a perfect reflection of their own idealised view of the man either through destructive content or attempts to ban the thread.

      Could you please pass this on to others so that they can make more judicious decisions in future.
    5. mikeler
      Nadal News 2.0? I didn't delete that one.
    6. Bartelby
      There was nothing wrong with the Nadal thread whatsoever.
    7. Bartelby
      Relgious topics are prohibited and yet one has been up all day. Why?
    8. Bartelby
      Why is no criticism of Uber permitted?
    9. Chadillac
      1. TW Staff
        TW Staff
        Chadillac, the article wasn't the reason. The thread was deleted because of the way the original post was written. Thanks, TW Staff
        Nov 30, 2016
    10. lefty10spro
      I do buy quite a bit below wholesale because of the volume of Prince I sell in my little Haines City shop. Probably not as low as TW gets the products tho!! Something weird is going on with Prince again. I think another owner may be coming in and many items have been out of stock for months.
    11. lefty10spro
      Only 9? I've got 6. Trying to use a textreme since I'm a gold dealer and a member of the Prince National Advisory Staff. Can't switch away from what's got to be (IMO) one of the greatest frames ever made! May have to put a couple more in the closet before they disappear!
      1. mikeler
        Ah, so you must get some awesome pricing then.
        Jun 13, 2016
    12. Justin Yesso
      Justin Yesso
      Mike, I just bought a 100T ESP and I'm using a reel of Ultra Cable. What did you string it at when you gave it a play test? I'm using a Gamma ST II Crank. I went fairly high on my first attempt (mid 60's on the crank) which translated to 46 on racket tune after 24 hours. Also, I'm interested to know what kind of differential you're using between the mains/crosses on this racket.
    13. GS
      Hey Mike, since I'm moving to Hilton Head and will be breaking my soft multi's sooner on the clay there, do you still think your Gamma X-ST machine is the way to go for a great crank machine? Thanks in advance.
      (I still owe you an ahi burger, or two.) gesimon1@msn.com
      1. mikeler
        I don't like the brake on my old model but they fixed it on the new one. It's been a reliable machine for me.
        Mar 21, 2016
    14. dlk
      Mikeler, I trust you (don't know why). Here is my information to vet. Send me an EM at davidkeith186@yahoo.com; I will provide you a look into my background.
    15. Ghibli
      Hello mikeler,

      Fort Lauderdale, Key West and Sanibel Island were beautiful.
      I just wanted to make sure we can keep in touch via tennis talk...

      Hope we can realize an international match next week.


      Matthias alias Ghibli
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    Prince Tour 100T ESP (16x16), Tier One Firewire Boost (56#/60#), 4.5 NTRP