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    I can't tell a comfort difference between multi and poly - anyone else?

    same here, feeling no real comfort difference. I play multi for more power and more consistent playability throughout the lifespan.
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    Grip Sizes of Top Pros

    I saw Bublik uses grip 2 according to your table and I went to check on gettyimages and it seems true. The tips of his fingers actually touch his palm: and the dude is 2 meters tall, so probably should be using grip 5 or 6 according to the tennis shop salespeople...
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    Multi/Multi Hybrids that can do it all?

    Played a match with this setup. Compared to full bed of Micronite it's exactly as you would expect: a bit more spin, a bit less power, better snapback. Stringing was easier as well, since Velocity is much sleeker. I am not feel-sensitive, so I didn't notice any difference in that department to...
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    Safe to freeze shoes?

    I had this problem with Gel Resolution 8 and Yonex Eclipsion but never with Adidas Ubersonic 3. The latter were dry much faster than the other two and I think it's the key. Washer killed the yonex shoe btw. No visible damage but the sole collapsed internally somehow and is now deformed, I only...
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    Head Velocity

    After some googling I have found a german shop that sells yellow reels, so I have ordered one and received it already. The color is really nice in real life.
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    Head Velocity

    Were non-black and nude colors of Velocity always so hard to get by in Europe or is it a recent development which is hopefully only temporary? I'd love some yellow velocity to match the Ezone, but not sure if yellow reels will ever become available?
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    Multi/Multi Hybrids that can do it all?

    Any more nice multi/multi set-ups? Looks like velocity is best for crosses since it's probably one of the slickiest multies out there? Going to try Signum Pro Micronite 1.27 in mains with 1.25 Velocity in crosses in a Ezone 98.
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    Head Graphene Touch Speed MP and PRO review

    Since the thread is already resurrected from the dead - what grommets fit the graphene touch pro? And does anybody else play it with full bed of multis? And what's wrong with the TWU stats of the touch pro? Swing weight 311 can't be right? Also how does the stringbed density of the Pro...
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    Head Speed MP (360+ & Older Gens) Official Thread

    purely anecdotally, but two of my 5 regular partners commented on the my standard stormtrooper 360+ Speed MP as "Oh, Djokovic's racquet?" when I brought to the court for the first time.
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    Head Speed MP (360+ & Older Gens) Official Thread

    I'd leave it as it is,the swingweight is already substantial as it is, assuming it's on spec.
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    HEAD GRAPHENE 360+ SPEED MP discussion/appreciation/pics

    or precisely for the MP:
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    You play 4.0 or above and use synthetic gut? Please share your setup

    Bumping old thread for more set-ups pls
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    Tecnifibre TF40 305 vs XTC 305.

    If anyone has both - is the handle the same length? I found it a bit too short on the TF40 for a 2hbh - would be interested in the RS, if the handle is longer.
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    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    depending on a racquet syngut could also last much longer than poly of highest quality.
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    Clash 98. Speed 360+ MP. VCORE 100 v6 (vs. 95 / 98)

    what are you stringing them with tho?