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    Medevev doubted Nadal fitness

    He played some good sets here and there but in general he never look good in this event.People sometimes gives too much importance on straight sets wins in earlier most off the time doesn’t mean much for the big 3.
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    Tsitsipas didn't win today. Nadal beat himself.

    Tsipitas deserves credit because he didn’t fade away,but he didn’t beat Rafa like Thiem beat.This wasn’t a good match from Rafa.
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    2015 Rafa

    To be honest I don’t see all that resemblance off Fognini match in this match .It is type off errors especially in critical times and body language was similar to 2015.i am more peace with a defeat like Thiem last year.This match he CHOKED not as bad as he did against Fognini but he still choked.
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    2015 Rafa

    Some off thestuff in this match remind me 2015.i might read too much into it.We will see.
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    2015 Rafa

    He blown out 13 years ago against a player who played out off his mind.For me this isn’t the similar defeat as it was against Thiem last year.There were some bad signals in that Tsipitas match.
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    2015 Rafa

    That’s what I remember today.A nightmare we Rafa fans all want to forget.Tsipitas played well but idiotic mistakes from Rafa was so annoyingly like 2015 stuff.We all see in the up coming months it is another slump from him or just AO curse.If another 2015 on the cards it is game over this time...
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    Rafa din't play a bad match.

    Let me be clear Tsipitas played a very good match after 2 nd set but Rafa dropped his level also.Some off the idiotic mistakes he made in critical times reminds me 2015 I hope We aren’t on a same nightmare this year
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    Djokovic-Nadal Wimbledon 2018. ¿One of the best matches ever?

    I thınk so yes. Level was so hıgh . I thınk RG 2013 and Wimbledon 2018 semis ıs kind of unofficial finals.These 2 matches evren beter than the finals they have played .
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    Post your Grandslam predictions for 2021

    I think next years winner will be AO Tsipitas RG Thiem Wimbledon Djokovic USA Nadal.
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    Post your Grandslam predictions for 2021

    Strange things can happen but to really think Fed is favorite even in Wimbledon is wishful thinking.He is nearly 40.if he is 35 or something I would still give him some kind off a chance.
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    How many slams would Martina Hingis have won in a wooden racket era?

    She would wın double dıgıt slams but ı stıll don thınk She ıs better than C Everett so ıt wont be 18 slams or somethıng
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    Graf vs Henin on clay

    The funny thing is Graf grew up on clay her game style just suits more to fast courts but she was never a player who is hopeless on clay.Even without the seles stabbing she would have won 4 RG titles her game was so big.She in my book better player than Serena on clay as well Henin biggest rival.
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    Graf vs Henin on clay

    The only surface Henin might hava a little bit of a chance against Graf is indeed on Clay but that does not mean she is beter than graf even on Clay. Byy the way henin is not Seles ı cant see a match up issue for graf against Henin.
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    Not Gloating, but glad Rafa showed Goran a thing or two.

    He tried to play mind games but in a wrong way he doesn’t know Rafa.if he would have said Novak has no chance in the final Rafa is unbeatable that would create more anxiety on Rafa.Rafa loves to act as an underdog even he is huge favorite silly commies and Goran gave that opportunity to act as...
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    How did so many "experts" get it so wrong?

    I can understand people think Djokovic has a big or better chance compare to the other players against Rafa but to think he is favorite against Rafa on RG is stupidity at is finest.Commies only trying to create drama that’s it.