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    Nadal calls Ivanisevic 'A bit arrogant'

    Agree for the most part that Djokovic has never consistently been the biggest hitter off the ground, which is why he’s had far less success against Nadal on clay than elsewhere historically, but even then his weight of shot has been the primary source of decline in his game as he’s aged, and in...
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    Could any player from the last 20 years have challenged Nadal in the 2020 FO Final?

    That particular match says very little about a peak Djokovic’s chances against a well playing Nadal at RG.
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    Sascha Zverev speaks on accusations and rumors

    Yes, because the repercussions of a guilty verdict for the accused are infinitely more damaging than the repercussions of a not guilty verdict for the accuser.
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    Nadal calls Ivanisevic 'A bit arrogant'

    Regardless of what Rafa says or what various posters on this forum were saying before the final, conditions were close to ideal for Nadal given the current state of the Djokodal match-up. The court was dead enough where his declined footspeed was a non factor with Djokovic no longer possessing...
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    20-17.... The Moment that potentially decided the slam race with Djokodal?

    Injured baby Novak took a set of Nadal at Wimbledon in 07 and beat him the other two times they played there...
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    Djokovic Skipping Paris

    Djokovic got served a bagel and a breadstick by Nadal in Rome last year before beating him routinely in straights the next time they played on HC. Not to mention the fact that Djokovic has won 19 straight sets in the match-up on HC. Let Rafa win a set before we talk about him having a chance...
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    Higher peak level?

    He won both matches in straights...
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    2020 Roland Garros QF : (1) Novak 'Throatgate' Djokovic vs (17) Pablo 'Karen'no Busta

    Has Djokovic played a tournament this year where he hasn’t had some sort of niggle/physical issue? It’s becoming a concern at this point.
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    One of my favorite young-dal matches :)

    Djokovic didn’t improve? So peak Nadal > peak Djokovic? You do realise that the peak Djokovic > peak Nadal argument is the only thing denying Nadal the title of undisputed BOAT?
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    Federer Fan's: Rafa's 20 or Nole's 18?

    And Djokovic beat a prime Nadal 7 straight times across three different surfaces, the longest winning streak that any member of the big three has had over another. Always amazes me how people seem to believe that beating a ‘peak’ Federer is the only conceivable barometer of a player’s greatness...
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    No offense to Thiem but I see how bad...

    I’m sure they’ll be devastated to hear that.
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    Med is the ONLY guy who can beat Djoker

    Djoker is the only guy who can beat Djoker.