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    Kirschbaum is awesome

    i applied online and was offered the sponsorship
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    Kirschbaum is awesome

    oh i was 1 in my section and top 50 in 14s earlier this year
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    Supers in Arizona

    easter bowl and winters are 128, clays and hards are 256 but they only take 192 players. and top 240 usually makes it
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    Kirschbaum is awesome

    what about me?
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    Hybrid Stringing Tension

    I have been wondering if you are supposed to adjust your string tension when using a hybrid, and I have heard that you should keep the tension on your crosses for a multifilament and lower the poly mains by 5-10%. Can anyone elaborate on this?
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    Kirschbaum is awesome

    yea i got a full sponsorship with them for 60 free sets
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    cyberflash or silverstring?

    which one shines when it comes to playability? i dont care about durability
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    cyberflash or silverstring?

    hi in my other thread i received thoughts saying to go with weisscannon silverstring over the plasma pure. but also many saying to go with cyberflash and i was wondering what the thoughts were comparing silverstring to cyberflash
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    Sampras and I in 2 weeks.

    wow im gonna be in st louis from tuesday-sunday for zonals... at that same site
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    Best tennis city

    easily thousand oaks cali
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    Weisscannon or Signum pro

    I am trying to decide whether to switch to the weisscannon silverstring or the signum pro plasma pure, because luxilon is just too expensive at 250 a reel. any comments and preferences are appreciated. thanks
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    Anyone sponsored by Dunlop?

    he said hardest section OF midwe s t
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    What do you think about this 14 year old?

    wow i was at zonals there last year virginia beach...
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    ASO or Aircast

    thank you, yea i think im gonna stay with the aso's and i wear 2 pairs of long socks on my right leg now
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    Seeds in USTA tournament

    seeding is based on ranking play as much as u want and lose and u still wont be seeded